Check Out the Star Trek Theme Song Acapella Medley

Normally I would say that guys have way too much time on their hands when they can perform a Star Trek Acapella Medley like this. But Given that they’re in perfect sync and aren’t screwing up for anything it stands to reason that it took a while to harmonize so it’s easy to see just how impressive this could be. To be honest though I’ve been losing track of just how many Star Trek shows there are and the characters they keep introducing have me stumped.

After it finished I have to admit that I wasn’t really sure how to feel. Yes it was impressive but it was also something I can admit that I was just waiting for the finish. I believe you have to be a music lover and a Trekkie to really get into their music. I’m halfway there since I tend to favor, dun dun dun, STAR WARS. And yes, I can recall their music to a tee and could possibly perform a very horrible acapella version of it. But this is Star Trek, so we’ll stay on topic as much as possible.

It’s actually kind of interesting that after a while they went to intro themes that included lyrics and not narratives. For while even the narratives were gone it seemed, but then Star Trek has been changing ever since its inception and has been including more and taking more out as the years have gone by to accommodate the changing desires of the fans and the directors that have been brought on to continue Roddenberry’s dream.

As a musical number it’s kind of interesting to listen to but one rendition seems to be enough really. It’s the type of thing that you might think about recording for a diehard Trekkie, but unless they’re the music-loving type you might want to think twice. Some people are actually purists when it comes to the things they like and don’t often like things to change. But fans are as diverse as the shows as it’s been seen and many would probably like this medley quite a bit.

I’ll admit it’s a little difficult writing about something that’s not really my forte but in all honesty I did watch the clip and was kind of impressed with how well the men were able to harmonize. I had to shake my head at the guy dressed like Uhura, but really, to each their own. It’s not hard for a Star Wars fan to understand a Trekkie since we’re both in the same boat really when it comes to scifi. The difference is that we tend to stick to our own and let those that enjoy both to freely mingle with both sides.

One thing that can be said for both franchises is that their music is quite pleasant and does carry a lot of feeling that fans can get behind. But once again, the differences between the two fan bases are just great enough that Trekkies will almost always remind Star Wars fans that Star Trek came first and as a result is that much better.



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