Top Five Nickelback Songs Used in Movies or TV

As of late I’ve heard a lot about Nickelback enduring a lot of criticism over their choice of content in their songs and their formulaic approach to each track. While this isn’t something most people that love music would enjoy it’s also not enough to condemn them since a lot of bands tend to practice the cookie-cutter routine that Nickelback is being criticized for at this time. They might seem to have run out of ideas but their older music is still viable and still enjoyable so to be honest it’s not like they’ve done absolutely nothing with their career. If they could find that same verve and ability to thrill the crowd they might be able to get back on track and make the people love them again. Of course a lot of the public is extremely fickle when it comes to music, which is kind of sad because they tend to forget how they felt about the band when they first got really popular.

If a band is on their way down it might be better to remember them as they were at least.

5. WWE RAW-Burn It To The Ground

The WWE has had a few popular artists come up with their intros over the years. For a while Smackdown even had a Marilyn Manson song as their intro, and several character intros have been devised by Motorhead and other various singers. This was one of the most popular for a good long while though since it kind of captured the essence of RAW at the time.

4. The Condemned-Savin’ Me

WWE and Nickelback have had a good deal to do with each other since this was a WWE film. Stone Cold Steve Austin as a covert operative that’s been sent to a remote island to compete in a death match with a group of condemned prisoners wasn’t a great plot, but it was entertaining. It was also a faint stab at making something that might continue the WWE’s legacy.

3. Nickelback-Rockstar

This is a fun song no matter what people might say. Yes it talks about drugs and other things associated with celebrities but if you take it as a spoof on that kind of thing then it’s a very fun and engaging track. Too many people take too much too literally when it comes to music and movies. Have a sense of humor and play along sometime, it might do a lot of good for your soul.

2. The Punisher-Slow Motion

This wasn’t one of the more popular representations of The Punisher but believe it or not it was one of the most accurate. It skipped a lot of things and left a lot of other things out but it could have been seen more as an origin story and less as the actual day to day life that Frank Castle had to live through. Thomas Jane wasn’t the worst Punisher, not by a long shot.

1. Nickelback-How You Remind Me

I think this was the first song I ever heard by this band and it was the one that got me hooked on them for a while. It’s about a man that is pining for the woman that dumped him and sees her everywhere until finally she shows up asking for his forgiveness. Instead of accepting her back he pushes her away however, realizing that she wasn’t the one he really wanted.

Give them a break people and remember their good stuff.

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