The Top Uses of the Billy Squier Song “The Stroke” in Movies or TV

Billy Squier is an American rock musician that’s had a lot of great hits throughout his career starting in the 1980’s. He’s moved around between a few bands in his time but hit the jackpot when he came out with the song The Stroke. The song sounds inherently dirty when you really think about it but it’s popularity has been through the roof for a while now. It’s been prominently featured in film and on TV either in it’s original form, re-mastered, or as a backdrop for another song. No matter how it’s been used The Stroke is immediately recognizable since even when remixed with another tune it pushes its way forward, as though it’s not about to be denied. It swiftly became Squier’s number one song and the one that a lot of people remember since it’s so easy to get into and very simply to sing to.

It might sound a bit dirty but it’s a fun song.

5. We’re the Millers

A drug dealer, a stripper, a homeless thief, and a kid that has the common sense of a toddler all go on a trip across the border into Mexico to retrieve a ‘smidge’ of marijuana using a luxury RV as the transportation.  And why not? The common belief is that no one looks twice at a family on vacation so getting by the border patrol should be easy, right?

4. Billy Madison

It’s amazing how much changes when you’ve been drunk and out of school for so long. When Billy Madison makes his way back to high school he quickly realizes that he’s not the king of anything any more. His style is outdated, his sense of what’s cool is laughable and more than anything he’s a laughingstock because he’s about twice the age of anyone there.

3. Eminem

This was an interesting song since it uses The Stroke in a very awesome way that doesn’t just relegate it to the background but kind of fuses it to the rest of the track. Eminem’s lyrics are as dependent upon the song as the song is upon the rest of the track. The remix is something unique and pretty awesome since it’s easy to move to and carries a great beat.

2. Blades of Glory

You normally wouldn’t think that ice skating could get this intense, at least not in the manner of a rock concert, but when you put Will Ferrell in the mix you have to realize that pretty much anything could happen. The fact that his acting is often so overbearing and over the top kind of makes for an interesting movie, or one that makes you wonder what the heck you were just watching.

1. Crank 2: High Voltage

Chev Chelios just refuses to die. Now that he’s back and has another means of staying alive he has to keep himself juiced again and again in order to keep his mechanical heart pumping. There’s just no stopping this guy when he’s got a good head of steam going and a vendetta to finish off.

This is awesome song and it get’s a lot of play.

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