The Top Uses of Bryan Adams Songs in Movies or TV

For some reason Bryan Adams has had to endure a lot of criticism over the years and has been spoofed to death on various TV shows despite the fact that he has a great voice and is a very popular musician that’s earned his way to the top. He’s produced a lot of great hits that have helped to shape pop culture and continue to do so as some of his greatest songs have been added to soundtracks and associated with certain aspects of pop culture that people absolutely love. So why all the hate? Well, to be honest it’s been mostly fabricated it would seem by people that might have been a little jealous or simply didn’t like him. It’s the music industry, it’s not right but it happens.

Anyway, here are a few of his greatest hits that helped to shape pop culture as we know it today.

5. Scream Queens-Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?

In other words it’s kind of an homage to the women of horror films past that have blazed a trail by opening their mouths wide and letting loose with the most ear-piercing sounds you’ve ever heard. No, it’s not just a show about women screaming, that would be too much for any one person to handle. But it is, like many shows, kind of a stereotype that people seem to like.

4. Magic Mike XXL-Heaven

It’s not just women that dance around half naked and get attention after all. Men are just as likely to fall into this profession and get ogled by women waving dollar bills and looking eager to stick something else down the men’s pants. What’s that? It’s demeaning? Yeah, probably, but people seem to enjoy it and no one really bats an eye when women do it, so why not men too?

3. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves-(Everything I Do) I Do It For You

Such a classic tale deserves a song that’s meant to be a classic as time passes by. The film wasn’t really that big of a hit in the box office but it’s still been a memorable time spent enjoying the life of Robin Hood in yet another rendition that people are willing to argue about concerning the veracity of the story and the realism of it. It’s a work of fiction folks, get over it.

2. Old Dogs-You’ve Been A Friend to Me

It would take a seriously epic friendship to really stick together with a friend for this long and in this kind of capacity. But if you could make it work then so be it, you might as well make the best of it and just enjoy the life you’ve created. However, finding out you have kids years later from a one-night stand might shake things up just a little bit.

1. Bryan Adams-Summer of ’69

When seeking out clips on how to best describe what an artist has done for our culture it’s usually best to find actual videos of that artist. This way you get a better example of what they’re about and can see them in action without having to settle for just their voice.

Bryan Adams is a legend no matter what anyone says.

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