The Top Uses of the Song “When a Man Loves a Woman” in Movies and TV

You know when the beat hits that this song is coming. The moment before the song  starts you might even gasp as you try to sing along or just endure the music and the power that it conveys. It’s one of the few songs that you might hear at every single wedding you ever go to in your life, and every possible moment that people can play it, and just whenever. It’s that popular, especially for a slow dance when your partner wants to get close. Face it, this is just one of those songs that gets people to move closer to one another largely because it says the things we don’t always say to each other.

Here are a few moments in TV and in film when this song is especially useful, or at least present.

5. Wonder Years

The first kiss is a milestone between kids, adolescents, and adults alike. It means something a little different in each stage of life, but it’s always meant to be special. This is the point when you’re beyond the friend zone and have no idea what you’re doing but know that it feels right and something could eventually come out of it. It’s the time when things tend to get real.

4. Two and a Half Men

So honestly the song isn’t a failsafe for when you want to really take that next, huge step. As far as using it for a marriage proposal it seems like it might be jumping the gun a little, especially if your partner isn’t ready or doesn’t feel that way about you despite your own personal feelings. It’s best to leave this song out of a proposal or the only thing you’ll be holding that night is a bottle of booze in the effort to forget the episode every happened.

3. The Voice

A lot of people can sing, and a lot of people THINK they can sing. There’s a big difference between having talent and having confidence. When someone really CAN sing though, like this gentleman above, then it’s a definite sign that they should be making their voice heard loud and clear. The judges were clearly impressed, which is the main point and the best thing a contestant on such a show can hear.

2. When A Man Loves A Woman

It’s no surprise really that there is a movie named after the song, since after all it is an inspirational piece. The film is about a man that has to be strong for his family for so long that when his alcoholic wife finally gets treatment and gets better he feels lost as she takes over his role in the family. Eventually he learns how to accept his new role and they reconcile as he learns to listen to her as he always should have done.

1. Saturday Night Live

Despite the fame that it was given when it was handed to Michael Bolton to perform, there’s no replacing the original voice that brought the song to life. Percy Sledge was the first person to sing the words that have touched so many people, and he’s still the best.

This song is no doubt going to go down as one of the best of all time just because it’s so loved by so many. Bet on it.


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