The Top Uses of OMD Songs in Movies or TV

OMD stands for Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, which is a mouthful to say and so much easier to pronounces as OMD. They started up in 1978 as an electronic music band in Wirral, Merseyside, were an offshoot of another band called The Id. Their first success came in 1979 and despite their rise to fame they seemed to vehemently oppose such recognition which is kind of rare for any celebrity. They went on to experiment with their music and create songs that would be highly praised but also be seen as controversial by many individuals and would lose them support in Europe after a while.

Give this much to them, they came up with a few memorable songs.

5. Eddie the Eagle-Thrill Me

There are movie that are all about determination and the will to succeed that push someone to limits unlike anything they’ve ever experienced in their lives. Eddie was subjected every bit of scorn and withering abuse that he could stand and yet still kept moving forward with his goal to compete in the Olympics, doing whatever was required of him and then some.

4. Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark-Enola Gay

Created as an antiwar song this track went on to become one of OMD’s most famous tracks. The only issue about making anything antiwar is that the public blowback that might result could make it seem not worth the effort of having creating the song in the first place. Of course that’s a very subjective matter and most bands would continue forward just out of spite or belief.

3. Joan of Arc-Maid of Orleans

The story of Joan of Arc is a powerful one that has been captured in more than one film and TV special but has always changed in some subtle manner. The one thing that every representation seems to have gotten right is that she was in fact seeing something, though whether it was a product of her imagination or true divine inspiration still remains up for debate.

2. Mistress America-Souvenir

Building up other people so that they can move on with life is tough. But some people are destined it would seem to forever be the way station for those that need a break in life. These unfortunates will build people’s esteem up and find a way to get them on the right track while staying right where they are or only keeping their head just above water to keep from drowning.

1. Pretty In Pink-If You Leave

Being the best friend is tough when you love your friend and yet know that she’s in love with someone else. In that instance it’s usually difficult but best to let them go and remain the best friend that you’ve always been in order to let them have their happiness. It’s tough, but being the better person is never meant to be easy, or the world would be a vastly different place.

OMD definitely had a different kind of sound that was all their own, but to this day they’ve made it work.

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