Nashville 2.16 Review: “Guilty Street”


Welcome back to Nashville folks, where we finally address the lingering plot line that has been on our minds the entire season.  I’m, of course, talking about Peggy “Pig Blood” Conrad and her faux miscarriage.  Teddy “Bear” Conrad has been in the dark about his ex-wife’s antics since her death.  He was lukewarm about their relationship but things accelerated when she got pregnant.  Teddy “Bear,” full of grief and loathing, looks through Peggy’s old purse in hopes of perhaps finding a quarter and discovers a bottle of pills that would have helped her after the miscarriage.  As conniving as Peggy was, she left the incriminating evidence behind.  Granted, she did not know she was going to be murdered but I think she could have at least scratched off the label.  Teddy discerns that Peggy wasn’t forthright with her about her pregnancy and tumbles directly into a bottle of booze.  Megan, Patron Saint of Lost Causes, runs to his rescue and ends up in flagrante delecto with Teddy “Bear.”  Megan, it’s ok because no one liked you.

Deacon heads out on the road with his solo act.  He bumps into Ruth the hot blondie backup singer from his Rayna days.  She approaches him after his AA meeting, because she’s also a recovering alcoholic and then she adeptly figures out a way for them to end up on a day long date.  I appreciate a woman who recognizes what she wants and makes it happen because Megan is just all over the place.  Plus, she tells him up front that she’s ok with making babies with Deacon so at least there’s no confusion about her feelings for him.  Deacon turns down Ruths’ offer to stay overnight at her house and they part with giving Deacon the option to contact her once he’s dropped Megan.  I’m quite sure there’s more of this to come.

And speaking of tangled web triangles, Rayna and Luke walk in on Liam and Scarlett enjoying each other’s company (cough cough).  Rayna is horrified but won’t admit that she’s the least bit jealous.  Luke, correctly observed that Rayna “put the fox in charge of the hen house.” She’s angry but claims it’s because Liam is going to ruin the fragile flower of Scarlett and that she’s not stable enough to handle it.  Rayna fires Liam and sends him on his rock star way to Tokyo.  Liam points out that he’s already been paid but Rayna sticks to her guns.  Considering that Rayna is in financial dire straits and Liam is a big named attached to the album this seems short sighted to say the least.  Liam leaves town as quickly as he can and pulls a Hans Solo on Scarlett after she rushes to see him.  He all about says “have a great life.”  Back at Rayna’s home, she comforts Scarlett the best way any woman can who just forced your boyfriend to break up with you.  Later Luke, freaked out by all of the giant paintings of Rayna’s daughters in her bedroom, asks her if Liam’s firing has anything to do with her feelings for her.  She says a bit and admits she is in a financial sink hole.

On the other side of town, Juliette is getting courted by all of the major pop music labels.  Avery, sensing his manhood has been neutered, throws a giant fit when they go out to a nice restaurant to celebrate.  He also later picks a fight with Gunnar since internal struggles must be projected onto the man you’ve traded girlfriends with.  Avery is able to pull himself together in time for their show, which suspiciously has an amazing lighting design despite the fact that they’re a no name band (literally).  Did everyone in Nashville forget that Avery used to have a hit single?  Has no one discovered that he’s dating Juliette?  I’m thinking that realistically he wouldn’t be as much of an unknown as the show is portraying him as.  Also, nice to see he still has some of his jerkish vibe when telling Juliette that he doesn’t want to ride her coattails.  Avery can only stay zen for so long.

Juliette considers Jeff Fordham’s offer, after smashing a bottle of champagne at his table in a nice restaurant. She considers how going back to Edgehill would help her mend fences in Nashville.  Ultimately she decides to proposition Rayna for a spot on her label.  This is the power duo we’ve been waiting for!  I can’t wait to see Juliette and Rayna band together against one-note evil Jeff.

Bulleted observations:

-So Teddy must have a thing for ruining Deacon’s life, right?

-Those creepy paintings of Rayna’s daughers were not in that bedroom before.

-Hey bro, that’s a nice vest you got on Gunnar.

-Ideas on what Gunnar, Avery and Zoey are going to name their band?

-In news no one cares about: Layla’s fame is fading fast and Will would rather drink beer and watch tv than deal with their relationship problems.

-Best line of the week goes to Deacon: “Every time I take a drink I break out in handcuffs.”

-Connie Britton’s hair is still killing it.

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