Nashville 2.18 Review: “Your Wild Life’s Gonna Get You Down”


I’m going to start off of this review of Nashville by pointing out how long it’s taken anyone to determine that Scarlett has a drug problem.  I had predicted in last week’s review that it would be Deacon who notices her odd behavior but that he might be too busy trying to launch his solo career to take notice.  I was not expecting that Juliette Barnes would be the one to clearly see Scarlett’s behavior as something more than “squirrely.”  Juliette mentions that she’s seen her mother behave this way before so she understands that there are more than raw nerves at play.  Even though Juliette shows obvious concern, it’s not enough for her to attend to Scarlett who she leaves alone and high at the party.

Juliette and Avery are on a tight rope this week, trying to maneuver the dip in her career and his interest in producing Scarlett’s record.  Juliette is self-destructive at best when she’s in a stressful situation and Avery is not about to give up his gift of record producing.  There is no mention of Gunnar’s band in this episode so I assume the Avery, Zoey and Gunnar trio has been killed.  Juliette does come clean in the last few scenes that she’s jealous, to which Avery says “tell me something I didn’t know.”  I don’t see a chance for these two kids to work out their issues so we are probably watching the quick descent of Javery (or Avliette?).

Will takes the biggest leap in tonight’s episode but following through on a quickie marriage to Layla, the beard.  Despite the fact that he can barely stand to talk to her and everyone is telling him not to go through with it (including Layla’s parents) he wraps up the episode at the alter with her.  Jeff Fordham, who appears everywhere there needs to be a sense of evil, had asked Gunnar to confirm the Will rumors.  Gunnar, flush with cash and excitement from his “Ball and Chain” royalties, sticks to the story.  Layla is going to have one heck of a rude awakening when the truth about her husband comes to light at the same time that she realizes no one really cares about her career.

Rayna has to confront the realities of her family in this episode, after the introduction of Maddie and Luke’s son Colt results in a YouTube like explosion.  Luke learns through the dreaded social media that Maddie is Deacon’s daughter and he’s not too pleased.  Moody Maddie continues to create dissent amongst her parent trio, giving each of them different information so that she can stay away from punishment.  In the end Rayna gives a beautiful speech about how much the family loves her and wants to protect her.  Rayna’s attentions are getting divided between the label and the family issues that she’s tried to avoid since her accident.  The more she tries to stuff down the problem, the more the Deacon/Maddie/Teddy issues resurface.

Teddy “Bear” is in full creep mode tonight.  First, he’s trying to control Maddie to the point where he’s inciting rebellion.  In Nashville the one thing you don’t take away from your teenage daughter is her guitar.  He’s also relentless in his pursuit of Megan even though she’s told him no.  And since this show is a night time soap, Deacon obviously overhears an intimate conversation between Megan and Teddy “Bear.”  Deacon goes to the first solution he understands: going ballistic and refusing help.  We’ve seen this “Deacon used to be an alcoholic” scene play out over and over again.  I guess this time we’re supposed to believe that his love of music and his new relationship with his daughter will save him.  I’m already exhausted by his ups and downs at this point. Can we just skip to the part where he gets back together with Rayna?

Bulleted observations:

-Luke Wheeler is the master at nicknames “Mr. Freakin’ Deacon Claybourne.”

-No Zoey in this episode, did we even care?

-According to that unnamed magazine, Deacon is as good as Steve Earle and Kris Kristofferson.

-Liam, still gone but not forgotten.

-How much did Colt look like Justin Bieber?

-Maddie, I hate to do this to you but from now on I will refer to you as “Moody Maddie.”

-Who is Anne the homework tutor and how did she get into the Mayor’s office?

-Luke Wheeler in just a towel, I’m fine with that.

-In a moment of prescience, Deacon tells Megan to “screw Teddy.”

-Rayna thinks the way to entertain teenagers is to introduce dominoes.

-Juliette’s bullying of Scarlett reminds me of Jeff’s behavior towards her.

-Best worst line of the week goes to Scarlett, “I’m the kind of artist who prefers to whisper.”

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