The First Full-Length Trailer for NBC’s Rosemary’s Baby


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NBC has just released their first full length trailer for their Rosemary’s Baby miniseries which has Zoe Saldana in the Mia Farrow role. I’m…not too sure about it. Why?

Well, the first film was directed by Roman Polanski, notorious creep but great director, and there was an atmosphere to it. This just looks like a summer horror flick. Furthermore, the entire plot is essentially revealed in this one minute trailer, while the film was the slowest of slow burns, and built suspense over time. This is all, “They’re witches! It’s a demon baby!” like from thirty seconds in.

I also don’t think Jason Isaacs works well as the “cult leader” here. I mean, the guy has played a villain so many times I’ve lost count. In the original film, it was a harmless old couple who seemed like they couldn’t possibly be evil. But here? Like, obviously this guy works for Satan, come on.

Through all this, I actually think to that this could work as a miniseries. It just seems that with this sort of presentation, they’re going to lose much of the mystery and suspense that made the original so compelling, even if they have far more time to tell the tale. Perhaps I’m wrong and it will all turn out fine, but I can’t say I’m terribly impressed with this footage so far.

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