NBC Comedy ‘Marry Me’ Won’t Focus On Marriage

casey wilson

Allegedly of course. The producers are swearing up and down that they will have normal plot lines, saying “We’ll be doing general stories. Occasionally we’ll do stuff about the wedding.” Consider me deeply skeptical. First of all, this is NBC, which has not draped themselves with glory in the past few seasons of television, producing… well, I can’t really remember, but I’m sure that there was at least something worthwhile, right? Second of all, the show’s title seems like it is calling explicitly for people interested in wedding humor, and the producers are planning to sucker them in (because really, how many people read press reports about a show they haven’t seen yet?) and then make it a regular comedy.

The show will star Casey Wilson, who is actually also producing the show with her husband, David Caspe, and will also star Ken Marino. The producers said that the show, while being about the wedding a little bit, is really “about a couple and their parents”. The show will feature an almost obligatory two gay dads of the woman, Annie, (because what could possibly be funnier and edgier?) and will also focus on her friends, who are played by Sarah Wright, Tymberlee Hill, and John Gemberling. The two gay dads will be played by Tim Meadows and Dan Bucatinsky. Casey Wilson will be playing almost the exact same character as the critically well-received but ratings flop Happy Endings, where she played Penny. They’re also trying to make waves by putting multiple swear words into the show that will have to be bleeped out rather than finding a different word (rest assured writers, there are plenty if you want to use them).  With these shenanigans, the show does not seem destined to be a breakout hit this year.  Or ever.

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