NBC May Be Getting a Constantine TV Show from DC

constantineIt’s not just superhero comic properties that are turning into TV shows like The Flash, Gotham, SHIELD and so on. Rather DC is now putting forth one of their other comics as a possible new show candidate, Constantine.

Most will probably recognize the name from the 2005 movie which starred Keanu Reeves as the supernatural detective. Though it has its niche of fans, the movie didn’t make much of an impact, and was never turned into a series.

Now, it’s quite literally being turned into a series. The project was sold to NBC, and will use The Mentalist executive producer Daniel Cerone and  go-to-comic-adapter-guy David S. Goyer to handle production duties.

I wasn’t a fan of the movie myself, and similarly themed movies like RIPD and The Mortal Instruments have also bombed at the box office recently. I guess “supernatural detective” isn’t as cool a concept as people think it is. NBC has had some good offerings lately however, and I’d at least give the pilot a go to see what it might be like.

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