NBC Renews Parks and Recreation, Cancels 1600 Penn

nbc parks and recreationAfter making a series of pickups earlier in the day, NBC has now moved on to deciding the fates of its bubble comedies. Veteran Parks and Recreation was given a sixth season renewal, to little surprise, as the critically adored tale of a small-town Parks department remained fairly solid in the ratings this season. With 30 Rock and The Office going off the air and Community’s fate as yet undetermined, it could be the lone single-cam remaining from the former Must See TV lineup. There’s no word yet on how many episodes the series will be receiving, though it will likely be staying on Thursdays, given the state of NBC comedy and the need for stability.

Meanwhile, freshman political comedy 1600 Penn has been canceled, another move that comes as no surprise. The show never found critical or commercial traction on increasingly difficult Thursday nights and the final few episodes were burned off. To renew 1600 Penn, a comedy without any buzz, NBC would have had to dislike their development and/or have a very different plan of attack in mind for the comedy. With the network looking to clean house and continue its rebuilding, there simply wasn’t the room or the incentive to keep 1600 Penn going.

The show starred Bill Pullman, Jenna Elfman, Josh Gad, Martha MacIsaac, and Andre Holland. It wrapped its 13-episode run on Thursday, March 28th.

Current NBC comedies that have yet to have their fate decided include Community, Whitney, Go On, Guys with Kids, and The New Normal.

NBC is set to reveal its 2013-2014 schedule the morning of Monday, May 13th.

Do you think that NBC made the right decision in canceling 1600 Penn? Should next season be the final season of Parks and Recreation? What other bubble comedies should NBC renew for next season?

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  • Madeline

    The problem with 1600 Penn was the character Skipp. They relied too much on the stupidity of his character to bring in the laughs. The show was all about him and not much about politics or the president. It was actually a good show, had they toned the character down a bit.