NBC’s Murder She Wrote Reboot is Dead, For Now


One of the more interesting reboot projects of the past year has been a reworking of Murder She Wrote, starring Octavia Spencer in the Angela Lansbury role. But it seems NBC has killed the idea for the time being. Deadline says this sort of thing happens all the time, but that it may not mean we’ll never see such a project:

“Rebooting an iconic series is extremely difficult, as proved by a string of efforts, including NBC’s attempt at a contemporary Rockford Files from House creator David Shore and producer Steve Carell, which didn’t go to series. It took two attempts with different writers for a new Hawaii Five-0 to get on the air. The same happened with Prime Suspect — it was actually Cunningham’s take that got NBC brass’ approval and attracted Maria Bello for a well-received remake of the British drama — and with ABC’s Charlie’s Angels. ”

With Murder She Wrote dead, that frees up Octavia Spencer to do whatever she so chooses, and I don’t think she’ll have a hard time finding work. Still, that would have been a very iconic role her, and frankly I’m surprised NBC did away with the idea. I wonder what happened behind the scenes to make everything fall apart?

Do you think NBC should have moved ahead with Murder She Wrote?

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