TMZ Alleges NBC is Threatening Celebrities Who Go On Other Shows Besides Fallon


I’m not sure if this is just gossip (it’s from TMZ, after all) but there are reports that NBC is doing their best to muck up the success of the newly minted Jimmy Fallon-era Tonight Show. The allegations are that the network is saying that any celebrity who appears on Fallon as a guest cannot go on any other talk show. Not just Fallon’s competitors like Kimmel, but any talk show off-network.

“Sources connected to CBS, NBC and ABC tell TMZ … the Peacock network believes Jimmy Fallon’s ratings success gives them extreme bargaining power.  They put the word out to celebs, agents and publicists … if they want to be on Fallon they can’t appear on ANY other network … and not just shows that go head-to-head with Jimmy, but morning shows as well.”

This sounds a bit far-fetched to be real, but would TMZ simply make up sources from all three other networks? That also seems unlikely.

NBC has scored a ton of great guests for Fallon, but they’re quickly going to lose goodwill if this turns out to be true. Can’t they just let the man succeed without bullying others into helping him? Come on, NBC. Just take the win.

[Photo via Theo Wargo/NBC/Stringer]

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