Cote De Pablo Leaving N.C.I.S Next Season


N.C.I.S fan favorite, Cote De Pablo, who plays Ziva David, just announced she will be leaving next season after eight years. For many, this is a sad moment, as Ziva is a favorite, who has found herself in many harrowing situations, and yet somehow always managed to find her way out, with a mix of sass and unflinching wit. Sorry I keep using the word sass today, but it works, you have to admit.

The thing about a major cast member leaving a show like N.C.I.S is, the mind always starts imagining how they are going to write her off the show. Will they have her retire into the sunset, peacefully (which seems doubtful knowing her character)? Will an old flame present itself, throwing a wrench into the mix? Or maybe, just maybe, one of the hundreds of slimy, evil baddies she put away could come back, looking for vengeance?

Though Cote has no acting roles in the horizon, and the show seems to be doing well, with her character featured more than many others, so the decision has come as a surprise to many in the industry, but sometimes, some people need to just spread their wings and find greener pastures, and either way, we wish her luck and look forward to watching her final season on N.C.I.S, and whatever she may do down the road.

And considering this is N.C.I.S we are talking about, we hardly imagine that this will be a peaceful and quite exit for Ziva, and really, what fun is there in that, anyway?

We bet she goes out with a bang.

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  • lane

    What a shocker, the most badass woman fed agent on tv leaving. It’ll surely affect the series, her story lines were usually daker, conflicted and physically challenging, yet there was an underlying sweetness to her troubled history.
    Goodbye Cote, good luck, your Ziva was fabulous.

  • Jessica Valure

    Well those goes another show down the drain. She can’t leave the show, Tony and Ziva didn’t even get together that’s just stupid. I am officdlly done with this show those goes another show that I loved to watch.