Ellie Bishop on NCIS: Did She Make You Forget About Cote de Pablo?

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Some people just cannot ever be replaced. That is how many people feel about Cote de Pablo on NCIS. The thing is, she left the show, and sometimes we just all need to move on. Last night was the first time her replacement, Ellie Bishop played by Emily Wickersham, was on the show. Not replacement as in taking her part, but as in a new character who will fill the void she left. It strikes an odd chord with fans of Cote de Pablo, because even if the new star is good, you cannot help but wonder what would have happened had de Pablo stayed on the show. So was Wickersham a good choice, or did the show feel broken without Cote?

As TV Line talks about today, it really is a little too early to tell. While Ellie Bishop’s character made a huge impression of the writer’s and rest of the staff, it may take a little while longer for the rest of us to warm up to her. What you need to understand is, Cote de Pablo was a huge force on that show, and a key reason many people watched it. Her liberal mix of beauty and brains was enough to keep most glued to the screen, and the working chemistry she had with the others on the show was palpable. The reality is, if the producers, writers, and directors like Ellie Bishop, we probably will, too.

Just need to give us a few weeks to make sure.

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10 thoughts on “Ellie Bishop on NCIS: Did She Make You Forget About Cote de Pablo?

  1. I loved Bishop in her first episode.She needs to be given a chance just as Ziva was given a chance. I’m not the only viewer that found Ziva extremely irritating and smug her first episode.

  2. Sorry but did not like Ellie. Too boring and even had the other characters not in sinc.
    The whole story line was not very interesting. Dress and hair not office material. NCIS has always been my favorite so hopefully I can get back into it…..

  3. I think she’s awesome and the show is lucky to have snagged her. I am really looking forward to seeing more of her on every episode. She happily makes me willing to forget Cote de Pablo who I also adore.

  4. Heck no. She is awful! And this has nothing to do with Cote. Even if Ziva’s character never exists, Bishop’s character is still horrible. I actually like NCIS LA better now.

  5. Uhm NOOOO!!!! Yes I loved Ziva, but this girl is just unprofessional for a NCIS agent….and she’s a poor actress!!! I really don’t look forward to watching the show like I use to. Bishop just gets on my nerves and takes away from the shows appeal!!! I really wish they’s bring Ziva back!!!

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