2% of Netflix Users Binge Watched All of House of Cards Season Two the First Weekend

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How do you watch Netflix TV? Do you watch just one episode per day, and treat it like you would any regular televised show? Do you watch two are three episodes at once, and then wait a bit to get hyped up to do that again? Or are you one of the people who sit down and pretty much watch all of a season as soon as Netflix releases it. Well, if you are a House of Cards fan, a pretty big number of you do, indeed, binge watch. I know 2% of a user base is not that high of a percentage, but when you look at the actual numbers behind those stats, it hits you.

As TV Line reports, that is 670,000 people who watched all of House of Cards season two on Netflix the weekend it was released. Though that is only two percent, it still makes us for almost 700,000 people who binge watch. Those are some staggering numbers. It is clear to see that Netflix is not only changing the level of what we watch for television. It is also changing the way we watch it. I, for one, do what I like to call “binge watching in moderation.” I will watch three or four episodes in a row, then I will start to feel like I am “cheating” and I will get guilty. Once the guilt sets in, it takes a week or two for me to watch the show again. So, for me, it is more like “binging and purging” watching.

Wow, that sounds awful, and I genuinely hope I am not the only person who watches TV like that.

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