Netflix Set to Hike Prices in the Near Future


I would like to think most people would assume that a company as large as Netflix, who has been as successful as Netflix, is obviously going to raise its prices at one point. I think what most will find interesting is just HOW they plan on raising their process. Netflix to hike prices in future based on some behavioral psyche. I wish I was kidding. They are like a sentient robot about to take over, and we don’t even know it.

PolicyMic has the whole, interesting story, but I will try to bust it down in a simplified version for you. Netflix is going to change how people subscribe. There will be three ways to subscribe. The “cheap” package (which is what we all have now). The premium package which will be a step up from what we all have now. And the super premium package. The kicker is, we don’t quite know yet what any of these packages offer. I am having trouble wrapping my mind around what the super premium package can offer that is any different than what we are getting now. Maybe On-Demand movies as they release in theaters? Who knows.

So we know Netflix to hike prices in future, and we know what they are calling the price hike, but we know little else so far. Will share more about this as we learn more about it.

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