First Official Photos from New Girl Season 4 Premiere, “The Last Wedding”

New Girl Premiere 1

The fourth season of New Girl kicks off on Fox in a little less than two weeks on Tuesday, Sept. 16, and after getting not one but two sneak peeks into season four, we finally have our first official photos for the premiere episode, which is titled “The Last Wedding,” obviously a reference to the gang’s competition to see who can hook up at the last wedding of the year first. Additionally, while it’s always good to see the familiar faces of Jess, Nick, Schmidt, Cece, Winston, and Coach (Damon Wayans Jr., who is now a series regular on New Girl), these photos give us our first look at the episode’s guest stars: Jessica Biel as Kat, “the hottest scientist in the world,” and Reid Davis as the Best Man, whose attention Jess and Kat compete whille at the wedding.

There’s nothing too telling about these first photos, although one of them makes it appear that Nick and Schmidt may be fighting about something (my guess: they’re both attempting to hit on the same girl at the wedding). However, I’m personally excited to see some of my favorite TV characters back at a wedding again, since two of my favorite New Girl episodes (of which I have way too many favorites), the appropriately titled season one episode “Wedding” and the season two finale, “Elaine’s Big Day,” both take place at weddings.

For more information on the episode, here’s the full description from Fox:

At the last wedding of the summer, Jess meets Kat (guest star Jessica Biel) when they battle for the attention of the Best Man (guest star Reid Scott), in the “The Last Wedding” season premiere episode of NEW GIRL airing Tuesday, Sept. 16

Check out the photos from the season four premiere of  New Girl below.

New Girl Premiere 1

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New Girl Premiere 11

New Girl Premiere 12

Photos via Fox


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