Fox Rearranges October Schedule: Leaving New Girl Out in the Cold

emma fraser October 11, 2011 12

new girl‘Suppress the Jess’ was a phrase we heard on last week’s episode of New Girl and it seems that Fox is doing exactly that. Fox has shuffled their October schedule and bumped all new New Girl episodes until next month.

As first reported on The Futon Critic the next new episode will air on Tuesday, November 1 instead of this Wednesday as originally scheduled. This original change of day for New Girl was as a result of the MLB playoffs/World Series and now the extended episodes of The X-Factor have led to this further schedule change. It is the judges round on The X-Factor which has increased the running time from an hour and a half to two hours (apparently these extra minutes are important). Glee and Raising Hope which are both Tuesday shows will also return with new episodes on November 1.

New Girl has already been picked up for a full season but will this early break have an impact on ratings? The ratings have been impressive for this freshman show and it has managed to win its first 3 nights in Adults 18-49; a first for a new sitcom on any network in 20 years (figures from TV by the Numbers). It is thanks to this success then that Fox feels comfortable in holding back new episodes until November which also means that they won’t have to air it on a different night as was originally intended.

If you want to get your Zooey Deschanel fix before November 1 then you are in luck, as Deschanel’s musical project She & Him have released a track from their forthcoming album ‘A Very She & Him Christmas’. The track can be heard at their official website where you can also pre-order the album that will be released October 24.

What are your thoughts on this schedule change? Glad to be getting extra X-Factor? Annoyed to have to wait for New Girl? Let us know in the comments below.


  • Bob

    I am very annoyed that "New Girl" was moved.

  • Shelly

    x-factor is good, but really bummed that New Girl got bumped to November… :(

  • Becky

    I agree wtih Shelly…I am liking X-Factor but am super disappointed New Girl has been postponed; at least it's not gone…it rocks!! I never get into new sitcoms, but I thought I'd check it out–it's cute, clever, funny and current….Make sure it stays!!

  • kelly

    I hate X factor. I want new girl back. Not Ok. I was looking forward to seeing it on the same night every week and its so new dont mess with it!!! Always bring it back, agree with becky ^

  • Dani

    So bummed New Girl is gone this month… I have already seen the X-Factor because I have seen America's Got Talent, The Voice and American Idol!!!

  • David

    The x-factor is a joke. It is a washed up American Idol and even that is getting old. Maybe if the corporate big wigs at fox could get their heads out of their asses.

  • KellieRS

    I was wondering why Fox's lineups on Sunday and Tuesday have been so godawful. Because they have no judgement. I couldn't care any less about the world series for baseball or the X Factor. Bring me my Sunday cartoon lineup and New Girl back.

  • Paula

    Love new girl, couldn’t care less about x-factor. Glad the show wasn’t cancelled. Will be waiting patiently!

  • Ash

    New girl is a great show, sad that I have to wait till Nov, but glad it will be coming back, and I could care less about x-factor.

  • Harvey Danger

    X-Factor sucks. I miss new Girl. Fox is stupid for delaying a great show.

  • Chaz

    I have no problem with X-Factor, I do have a problem with Fox's disorganization. It is unethical to bump another show, regardless of viewers. This will absolutely affect New Girl's ratings, and it isn't right because this is a great show.

  • ytram

    so what's the latest schedule of new girl?? having it bumped really SUCKS!