Linda Cardellini Joins New Girl as Jess’s Sister


After starring in the much-acclaimed Freaks and Geeks years ago, Linda Cardellini dropped off the radar for a little while. But since then, she’s had roles on ER and most recently Mad Men, where she played Don Draper’s married neighbor who he naturally had an affair with.

Now, Cardellini’s next gig will be stopping by New Girl to play Jess’s sister. Zooey Deschanel has many lookalikes from her own sister Emily to Katy Perry, but I can see the Cardellini resemblance.  Maybe. If I squint.

The role is said to be recurring, and while Jess is a (somewhat) responsible teacher, her sister is said to be more of a “wild child.”

Season three of New Girl is shaping up to have great guest stars. They got Coach to stay for the whole season, and last month it was announced that The OC’s Adam Brody would be showing up as one of Jess’ ex-boyfriends. Really looking forward to that one.

[Photo via Astrid Stawiarz/Getty]

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