Tonight on New Girl: A Confession

NewGirl-Ep219_BoysNight-Sc14_1094The most recent episode of New Girl celebrated the ten year anniversary of Schmidt (Max Greenfield) and Nick (Jake Johnson) living together; a relationship that might not make sense on the surface, but one that provides one of a solid foundations for this group of friends.

Threatening this dynamic is Schmidt’s broken heart over Cece’s (Hannah Simone) engagement and the burgeoning romance between Nick and Jess (Zooey Deschanel). Tonight will see one person trying to deny that there is anything wrong and another finally admitting their feelings. Nothing will go wrong, right?

Nick and Jess are still in this awkward post kiss phase; feelings have been semi-acknowledged and the sexual tension is about to boil over. It looks like tonight could be that night as Jess is contemplating telling Nick that she wants him bad. This is a big step and something that Jess is struggling with, until she is hopped up on pain medication and is ready to reveal all. The path to love is not smooth, particularly on a sitcom and Nick has a piece of news that he should probably share with Jess that could halt whatever is going on.

In an attempt to forget about Nick’s mouth on her mouth, Jess tried to find a new person to kiss and a guy who could discuss his feelings in the last episode. Instead she found the most intense guy and Jess still can’t stop thinking about Nick’s mouth. Nick this week will have a new love interest and it’s his new boss at the bar. I predict that some of the audience will not welcome Shane (Odette Annable) and neither will the openly hostile Jess.

Jess and Nick aren’t the only ones experiencing matters of the heart as Schmidt tries to act like he isn’t bothered by Cece’s upcoming nuptials. Retail therapy is one way to distract yourself, but instead of going for the usual clothes route, Schmidt becomes obsessed with buying a fish. Winston (Lamorne Morris) is Schmidt’s fish wingman and he will also be there for when Schmidt realizes that the fish is a metaphor for his feelings for Cece.

The recent New Girl PaleyFest panel wasn’t too spoiler heavy, instead they spoke about their character dynamics (yes Nick and Jess were heavily discussed), how they try to balance comedy with character development (Jess’ unemployment, Schmidt’s father issues) and how far in advance they have things planned (not very far). The chemistry between the actors is just as palpable at events like this as it is on New Girl and the writers like that the actors want to collaborate to make it an even better show.

There is plenty to look forward to in this last third of the season as they will be taking a trip to Chicago where we will meet the rest of Nick’s family (and they will hate Jess), Russell (Dermot Mulroney) is returning and so is Rob Reiner as Jess’ father. The episode they were in the process of shooting is flashback themed and we will find out how they all lost their virginity.

Watch a promo and a behind the scenes video for tonight’s episode “Quick Hardening Caulk” below and for promo photos click on the link.

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