New Girl Getting Sued For Plagiarism

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Anyone else notice New Girl has been hitting some bumps lately? Not the actual show, but behind-the-scenes? First we hear that Zooey may be a bit of an egomaniac around the set. Now we hear New Girl getting sued for plagiarism. A show can do well and bring in huge numbers, but if there is enough drama back stage, the network and producers will pull the show to avoid any problems. Hearing all that has been going on, do you think New Girl can survive all this drama?

The Hollywood Reporter has the story, but we skimmed all the good parts for you. The long and short is that New Girl is getting sued for plagiarism by Stephanie Counts and Shari Gold, who claim they went to Fox with the idea for New Girl many years ago, having called it Square One. The true account of what happened to Stephanie when she found out her husband was cheating and she moved into an apartment with three men. Allegations claim that the differences between Square One and New Girl are SO minuscule, they amount to slight rewrites that make no difference to the actual story and was only Fox’s way to cover up that the work was stolen at all.

The women are demanding many things from Fox, but one of the most important things they want is a public apology.

That being said, this is only set to get more messy. We will keep you posted on the story.

[Photo via Greg Gayne/FOX]

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