New Girl Super Bowl Episode Lands 25.8 Million Viewers


For me, the best parts of Super Bowl Sunday were the 24: Live Another Day trailer and the new episodes of New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine after the show. Well, since this year’s Super Bowl was the highest rated event in TV history, their ratings must have been pretty good, right?

Correct. From EW:

New Girl had a delirious 25.8 million viewers and an 11.8 rating among adults 18-49; Brooklyn had 14.8 million viewers and a 6.7 rating. That makes New Girl, which featured a guest-star appearance by Prince,the highest-rated scripted entertainment telecast in the adult demo on broadcast TV in three years (since Fox’s post-Super Bowl Glee).”

Granted, airing your show after the Super Bowl is sort of cheating, as 25.8M people probably weren’t exactly glued to the TV, and were more than likely milling about after the game while leaving the TV on. Still, it’s great exposure for both New Girl and Brooklyn, which are critical successes, but still end up getting killed in the ratings by everything on CBS.

Personally, I thought the episode of New Girl was the weirdest to date, but I suppose I understand why they brought in a celebrity guest star like Prince for the special occasion. Even the characters themselves couldn’t believe the episode happened by the end.

Anyway, hopefully it will get more people watching both shows, and there are new episodes of each on tonight.

[Photo via FOX]

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