Are Schmidt and Cece Getting Back Together in Season 4 of New Girl?

Schmidt and Cece New Girl

While much of the focus leading up to the fourth season of New Girl has understandably been about Nick and Jess and how the two of them will deal with being exes who live in the same apartment, not much attention has been paid to the show’s other main couple, Schmidt and Cece, who have been on what you could call a “bumpy road” for much of the past three seasons of New Girl. However, according to a new sneak peek into the show’s upcoming fourth season, fans of the Schmidt and Cece should start to get excited, because it appears that, at long last, the two of them may be getting back together.

In the video below, New Girl stars Max Greenfield and Hannah Simone, along with series creator Liz Meriwether, share their thoughts on what the on-again/off-again couple have been through throughout the show’s run and the idea of the two of them finding a way back together this season. Plus, the sneak peek also features new footage from the season four premiere of New Girl, and it certainly looks more positive for Schmidt and Cece fans than negative (for example, it is revealed that Cece has broken up with her 20-year-old boyfriend, Buster).

Much of New Girl‘s third season had Schmidt repairing his relationship with Cece after he lied to both her and Elizabeth (Nurse Jackie‘s Merrit Weaver) and tried dating both women at the same time. In the season three finale, Schmidt finally demonstrated that he had learned to become selfless and let Cece go and be with her new boyfriend instead of trying (yet again) to win her back.

Perhaps when season four of New Girl premieres on Tuesday, Sept. 16 at 9 p.m. on Fox, Schmidt will have retained this new sense of maturity, and Cece will notice it, thus allowing for the two of them to reunite.

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