Nikita Photo Preview: Devon Sawa Returns, Michael & Nikita Reunite in Episode 2.10

Nikita - Season 3 Episode 10In last week’s episode of Nikita, Birkoff and Nikita decided to target Oversight and discover the identies of the remaining Oversight leaders. Unfortunately, paranoia on the part of Sean for about his mother’s safety ended with Birkoff getting captured by Division. Amanda gleefully tortured him for information on Nikita and the black boxes, but the nerd with a heart of gold refused to spill the beans. Nikita eventually traded the black box for Birkoff’s safety and Sean destroyed the box in order to protect his mother.

Now Nikita needs to get her hands on another black box and has decided to track down Owen, who is narrowing in on another one of Percy’s information drives. There will be no new episode of Nikita this week, but the show’s midseason finale will air on December 2. Nikita will track Owen down and the two team up to steal a black box from a Guardian. But will Nikita learn about Owen’s new association with Gogol? And while Michael only appeared briefly in last week’s episode because he was still in London, it looks like he’ll be reuniting with our favorite female spy. But will their relationship get back on track after taking a break?

Meanwhile, Alex managed to work her way back into Russia in last week’s episode in order to hunt down and kill Semak. Alex will definitely be making a move against her father’s emeny in the December 2 episode, but Amanda also realizes that Alex is working on information provided by Percy. When she learns that Percy went behind her back, she removes all the little benefits she provided for his cell.

View a trailer for the December 2 episode of Nikita below.

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