Nikita: Shane West Talks Michael’s Past & Possible Romance

Clarissa November 11, 2010 1

It’s clear that there’s something brewing between Nikita and Michael on CW’s action-packed Nikita. While we know that Michael has had (or even still has) feelings for Nikita, we don’t yet know how much those feelings are reciprocated by the title character. But that doesn’t mean fans aren’t hoping to see a budding relationship between the two rival spies.

Yesterday we posted a sneak peek that hints at their growing attraction (watch it here) and today, Zap2it posted an interview with Shane West about tonight’s all new episode of Nikita, Michael’s past and whether or not we’ll see a romance between Michael and Nikita.

Regarding tonight’s episode, titled “One Way” Shane provided a few hints about what we should expect to learn about Michael:

“In this episode we get to see flashbacks of when he was younger and happier with his family before he was ever at Division,” West says, adding that someone close to Michael betrays him. “That’s what fuels Michael’s fire. We’ll be going back and forth from the past to the present. In the present that person comes up on the grid again, and now that Michael is part of Division, Percy has allowed him to do this on his own.”

The flashbacks occur about a decade in the past, so expect to see a different Michael from the current one.

Nikita is brought in to help Michael deal with this situation because she knows about his past:

“He doesn’t just call Nikita. She follows him and gets herself involved,” West explains. “She knows who this person is and what he means to Michael, who’ll be a loose cannon. Michael’s always in control, but he’s not in control in this episode because this person took away his life. It’s not something that he’s come to terms with at all.”

But those of you who were hoping for a budding romance borne from the sneak peek above and the promo below, might be disappointed. All this episode does is drive Michael and Nikita further apart in the end:

“One of the important things about this episode is that it drives a stake between the two of them,” reveals West. “It brings them together but it doesn’t end well. I hope the audience will be upset in a good way about it.

“It’s not hard get Michael and Nikita together,” he continues. “It’s hard to keep them apart. This is going to make it a little easier to keep them apart for a while because that is, in truth, where the love story is.”

Make sure you tune in for a new episode of Nikita tonight on The CW at 9:00 p.m. (following a new episode of The Vampire Diaries).

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    Why was there no review or recap for "One Way" That episode was AWESOME!!!