Nurse Jackie 5.01 Sneak Peeks: Jackie Deals with Two New Doctors

Shilo Adams April 10, 2013 0

nurse jackieChemistry is an important thing in all workplaces, but it’s especially pivotal in a hospital setting. Lives can be saved or lost depending on how well a team listens to one another and works together, making each hire something that could either raise the hospital’s reputation or create a chaos that can be hard to shake. All Saints on Nurse Jackie has proven to be no exception, with Cruz’s tyrannical micromanaging of the trauma unit almost undoing all the work that Jackie put into it, and this season, there’ll be an even tougher test for the team to deal with.

On the fifth season premiere of Nurse Jackie, there are two new doctors working on the floor with Jackie and each brings about a noticeable change in how everyone interacts. Most notably, Dr. Roman already has Coop wrapped around her little finger, as she’s been able to do pretty much whatever she wanted from her first day on the job. Jackie can’t afford to be dealing with a moon-eyed doctor all day, nor does she want to have to be the disciplinarian to an adult who should know better, but if she lashes out too much at Dr. Roman, she runs the risk of making things awkward on the floor and having that follow them to their handling of patients. How should Jackie handle the new girl who already thinks she runs the floor?

Elsewhere on Nurse Jackie, it’s Jackie’s birthday and she wants Kevin to let her have the girls to celebrate. Unfortunately, Kevin isn’t exactly Jackie’s biggest fan right now, still upset over the cheating revelations and the depth of Jackie’s addiction being made known to him last season, and it doesn’t seem like he’ll bend for his ex-wife. Even with her months of sobriety, Jackie is a long way away from getting things better between her and Kevin, so while she may think it’s unfair that he wields as much power as he does against her, it’s a sign that she still has work to do.

Joining the cast of Nurse Jackie this season are Adam Ferrara as a NYPD officer who Jackie makes a connection with; Morris Chestnut as Dr. Ike Prentiss, a former Army medic turned trauma doctor lacking in bedside manner’ Marcy Harriell as Marta Rodriguez, a new nurse trying to support her three children; and Betty Gilpin as Dr. Carrie Roman, a sexy first-year resident at All Saints.

The fifth season of Nurse Jackie premieres Sunday, April 14th at 9:00 on Showtime. You can check out a trailer for the season here, as well as teasers here and a behind the scenes look here.

How should Jackie handle Coop’s crush on Dr. Roman? Is Kevin right in keeping the girls from spending the night with Jackie on her birthday? What are you most looking forward to this season on Nurse Jackie?