Frozen to Join Up With Once Upon A Time


Everybody in the world loves the Disney movie Frozen right now, and with good reason. It it a thoughtful, sentimental, joyous journey in a wonderful (but frosty) world. Let’s not forget all the great songs, and just the overall Disney magic properly injected into that film. So how happy would it make you to find out that some Frozen characters are set to join the show Once Upon a Time? Pretty happy, right?

As TV Line points out, two key roles from Frozen will be joining the season four cast of Once Upon a Time. Yet unknown actress Elizabeth Yail will be playing Anna, and actor Scott Michael Foster will be playing Anna’s love interest, Kristoff. What is very interesting, and probably inevitable is that Elsa has not been cast yet. The most integral member of that story has yet to be cast. Makes us wonder if they have someone big in mind. Either way, there is a certainty that she will be cast at some point, and hopefully soon. Also, we cannot help but wonder how they will figure into the story of the show. That is part of the joy of Once Upon a Time, though. You never quite know how they are going to integrate all these stories and myths together, yet they always seem to pull it off.

Oh, and of course we will tell you who they cast as Elsa as soon as we find out ourselves.

[Photo via Disney]

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