Once Upon a Time Preview: Can Charming Get Snow To Remember Him in Episode 16?

Clarissa March 11, 2012 5

Once Upon a Time Episode 16This week’s Once Upon a Time gave us an unexpected surprise in the fairytale world. The story focused on the tale of Red Riding Hood, who lived with Granny in a small village. The villagers lived in fear from a wolf who kept killing livestock, until it graduated to people. Red became quick friends with Snow White, who had taken to hiding out in their barn after escaping the Queen and the Huntsman. Red complained about how over-protective Granny was, especially when trying to keep Red locked up at night and keeping her away from a boy that she loved, Peter. After doing some investigating with Snow, Red thought that the wolf was actually Peter (like a werewolf). But when Red tied him up to stop him from hurting anyone, the plan backfired, since it turns out that Red was actually the wolf. Granny revealed to Snow that Red and her mother and grandfather had all been werewolves. Despite Red killing Peter, Snow managed to get Red out of the woods before the hunting party came upon them.

Meanwhile, in Storybrooke, David experienced another “blackout episode” while out in the woods, which led him and Emma to wonder whether he had something to do with Kathryn. Ruby quit her job at the diner after Granny pushed her one too many times and got a job as Emma’s assistant down at the police station. She was a pretty good asset for Emma, but was horrified when she found a box with a heart in it, so she went back to work at the diner. Now Emma thinks that box contains Kathryn’s heart and delivered the news to David and Mary Margaret. She also dropped the bombshell that the box contained Mary Margaret’s fingerprints.

The March 18 episode of Once Upon a Time once again focuses on Snow White and Charming in the fairytale world. After calling off his wedding to Abigail and reuniting her with Frederick, Charming sets off in search of Snow, who no longer remembers him. He races to try and stop her from assassinating the Queen, as the forgetful potion has also made her slightly unhinged. In Storybrooke, Mary Margaret must deal with being labelled a murder suspect and hires Mr. Gold as her lawyer.

Watch a preview below for the March 18 episode of Once Upon a Time, airing at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC. You can also view photos for the episode here.

Updated: Watch a sneak peek of Snow plotting to kill the Queen in the fairytale world and a clip of Mary Margaret being questioned for murder in Storybrooke.

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  • Sally

    I hated it, how can Red have a happy ending now? She's killed the one she loved and she was horrified she's the creature and Granny is just warped in this also. It was all ridiculous and I looked forward to the show every week. I could see alot of the things in the show and justify how it could be, but this one pretty much ended it for us, it was really lame and disturbing. As usual the writers of Lost have lost it trying to be creative.

  • Alissa

    This whole show is a twist on the fairy tales we all know and love. It’s not supposed to follow exactly what happens in the real stories. So I disagree. I thought it was fantastic because it changes things and keeps you guessing. That’s what the whole show is about, and I think this is following what we were told about how this show is supposed to play out from the beginning.

  • Kris

    I loved the episode! I agree that some parts were disturbing, but I found this episode made sense in a very twisted kind of way. It's the dark side of the stories we've come to know and love, and it's proof that we can appreciate different aspects of said stories no matter how old we are. That, in itself, is why I loved it so much.
    As for how the episodes generally end, it's really anyone's guess, and not every story line will be great. We can't expect a happy ending in every episode; that would make the show very anti-climactic. With every conflict, cliffhanger, and twist that is written in each episode gives the writers opportunities to get the plot rollercoaster going. But that's just my opinion.

  • Phil

    There will surely be another back story episode for Red. In the pilot, she and Granny are members of the war council. There must be more to the story, so that Snow White and Prince Charming value their advice. The writers have been stringing the audience along all series. Look at Rumplestilkskin's arc. I will go out on a limb and propose that Peter may not be dead. Granny just said, "He's gone," not "He's dead." And there was no body or blood shown, in contrast to the scene at the well. In any event more must happen to Red before the curse.

  • LeaBree

    Was there not the signs of a dead body behind the uprooted tree? I thought that he was dead, they just didn't show it because it was too gruesome. Yeah, it was really sad and kind of sucked… but this is one story in which the Queen's curse helped. Though we've seen that Red moves on with her life (she brings Snow baskets of food) in the Storybrooke world she doesn't have that awful past to live with. I love this show so much. The only problem is that to keep it going they have to keep putting things in between the couples (mainly David and Mary M), but with all the other amazing stories thrown in it doesn't seem to drag or be hopeless. As for the end of this weeks episode… heart in a box…..it's a pig's heart, right? Right?! With this show you never know. (Though I'd bet a lot of money that Kathryn is fine….the story line is just a wretch in the happy ending….I want her and Fredrick to get to be happy together!)