Once Upon a Time Preview: Is Ruby’s Wolf in Storybrooke?

Clarissa November 4, 2012 0

Once Upon a TimeEmma and Captain Hook traveled up a beanstalk to retrieve a magical compass in this week’s Once Upon a Time.  They managed to best The Giant momentarily, but when he woke up Emma stood up to him and spared his life in a fight.  He let her go and Emma left Hook stranded up the beanstalk.

Meanwhile, we got our first real glimpse at Emma’s history this week when we saw her in a relationship with Neal Cassady - the man who first appeared in the season 2 premiere in New York City.  Unfortunately, Neal was sidelined by August, who told him that Emma had a destiny and Neal needed to get gone until she fulfilled it.  For more on the episode, read our full recap.

In next week’s episode, Ruby is once again afraid of turning into a wolf during the first Storybrooke full moon since the curse was broken.  When one of her fellow citizens is murdered, Ruby is the prime suspect and is chased through the town by an angry mob.   Meanwhile, King George (a.k.a. Deck in Storybrooke) threatens to expose David’s true identity and accuses him of not being fit to act as sheriff.  We’ll also be seeing flashbacks to Red when she came across the charismatic leader of a pack of werewolves.

Watch a preview below for the November 11th episode of Once Upon a Time airing at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.  Browse through photos for the episode here.

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