Once Upon a Time Recap: Belle Goes Dark and Robin Hood Steals from Rumpelstiltskin

Once Upon a TimeOnce Upon a Time returned from an extended hiatus with a kick-off that will quickly lead to the end of the season.

The New Belle. Mr. Gold managed to reconnect with Belle as she was awaiting release from the hospital and the two bonded over his confession of love while he thought he was dying. Although he lied to her about healing her, she agreed to get to know him better. But Regina stepped in and revived Belle’s cursed memories, convincing her that she was a free-spirited girl named Lacey who likes to hustle pool and hang out in bars. Of course, Gold was furious when Lacey didn’t seem very interested in him and confronted Regina about her actions. But she reminded him that he’s trying to be on his best behavior around his son, thereby preventing him from taking revenge. Step #1 was to recruit David to help him get Lacey to fall in love with him. While it’s clear that Gold has nothing in common with Lacey, he did (at David’s urging) convince her to go on a date with him again so that he could “cure” her with “true love’s kiss”. It looked like it was going well, but she left in the middle of their dinner to make out with another man and then told Gold that she would never be this “Belle” that he loved. With Belle lost to him, he ended up unleashing his dark side by beating on the man who had been making out with Lacey. When Lacey happened upon the scene, she realized that Gold was as dark as everyone believed him to be. The unexpected outcome? She likes him like that.

Charming Family Dilemma. Mary Margaret and David decided to let Emma in on the secret of the magic beans this week. They took their daughter to the magically cloaked fields where Anton and the dwarves are growing the beans and told her that they think returning home to the fairytale land is the best thing for their family. Even Mary Margaret, who was initially hesitant to return, now thinks it’s a good idea (particularly since she feels that healing their broken land will help heal herself for her actions in Cora’s death). But Emma has a big choice to make because the “real” world is the only one she’s ever known. Another complication arose in the form of Regina, who confronted Emma about Neal’s presence in town and her failure to tell Regina about Henry’s new family members. Emma instructed Regina to calm down, but a slip of the tongue and her evasiveness convinced Regina that the other woman is hiding something from her. A little bit of magic led her straight to the magic beans.

The Hood. A new hero was introduced in this week’s Once Upon a Time: Robin Hood. In the fairybacks, we saw Belle adjusting to her life with the Beast, crying each night for her family. One night, Robin broke into the castle and stole one of Rumple’s wands, but the sorcerer’s magic allowed him to capture the hero. Belle listened to Rumple torturing the man until she finally set him free. When Rumple discovered what she had done, he was furious. But instead of killing her, he took her with him as he set out to hunt Robin, determined to kill him in front of her. After an appearance by the Sheriff of Nottingham, Rumple discovered the identity of his thief. He managed to track Robin, only to discover that he had stolen the wand to save the life of the woman he loved, Marion. But Belle’s words that there was good in Rumple and the discovery that Marion was pregnant convinced Rumple to spare his life. When they returned home, Rumple showed Belle his library, prompting her to admit that she was glad he wasn’t who she thought he was.

Secrets and Lies. Greg and Tamara made a return appearance, still plotting in secret. The two appeared briefly, but made reference to a package that was on the outskirts of town that Tamara intended to bring into town that evening. What’s in the package? Captain Hook!

A new episode of Once Upon a Time will be airing on April 28 and Regina will try to interfere in Emma’s relationship with Henry. Watch a preview for next week’s episode.

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