Once Upon a Time Sneak Peeks: Regina Spills the Beans


We know that the Charmings have a plan on Once Upon a Time to get back to the Enchanted Forrest using the magic beans that Anton and the dwarves are currently growing. Unfortunately, that plan is threatened and they don’t even know it yet. Regina discovered the crop of beans at the end of the last episode and she has no intention of allowing them to leave her behind, or lock her up in Rumple’s cell for the rest of her life.

So Regina comes up with a plan. Step #1 is to tell Henry about the beans and twist the story so that he believes the other members of his family will leave her alone in Storybrooke. Step #2 is to activate a fail-safe built into the curse. She makes it seem like a good plan, but it’s clear that triggering the fail-safe will wipe out the town. And if she plans to leave everyone else behind while she and Henry return to the Enchanted Forrest….well, we’re thinking Henry won’t like that plan too much after all.

Meanwhile, Emma is starting to get closer to the truth that August warned them about before he turned back into a boy. She’s convinced that Tamara is dangerous, but Mary Margaret wonders if her suspicions revolve around Emma’s potential feelings for Neal.

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