New Once Upon a Time Teaser Shows Elsa’s First Apperance in Storybrooke


Fans of the hit ABC series Once Upon a Time have been anticipating the show’s return all summer, and not just because it appears that the rivalry between Regina and Emma has been reignited or to see what awaits Belle and Rumpelstiltskin now that they are married. No, all the buzz about Once Upon a Time has been about the fact that Storybrooke is getting Frozen, as we all discovered in the closing moments of the season three finale when Elsa appeared on screen. Over the weekend, ABC released a teaser trailer that shows Elsa first appearing in Storybrooke, and while it’s short, it’s still plenty awesome, as we get to see how the town (or, at least in this trailer, Hook and Emma) react to the ice-wielding queen’s presence. Few details are known about exactly what spin Once Upon a Time will put on the numerous Frozen characters that will be showing up during season four. In addition to Elsa (played by Georgina Haig of Fringe and Reckless), Anna (newcomer Elisabeth Lail), Kristoff (Greek‘s Scott Michael Foster), Hans (Shamleess‘s Tyler Jacob Moore), and rock troll Pabbie (voiced by John Rhys-Davies) will also be appearing, at least in flashbacks. Lost actress Elizabeth Mitchell has also been cast in a mysterious role as a character that has ties to both Elsa and Anna. Once‘s take on Frozen will start right after the end of the animated film, with Anna preparing to marry Kristoff. The series’ season four premiere is titled “A Tale of Two Sisters,” and a short video at Comic-Con (also embed below) showed the titular sisters at their parents graves before Elsa mentions that she has a wedding “surprise” for Anna. Once Upon a Time returns for its fourth season on Sunday, Sept. 28th. The Story of Frozen: Making a Disney Animated Classic, which reportedly features some new footage from season four of Once Upon a Time, airs tonight on ABC at 8 p.m. Photo via ABC

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