“Nikita” Gets A Full Season! (So Do “Hellcats” and “Tree Hill”)

Brittany Frederick October 22, 2010 3

Stop holding your breath, Nikita fans! The CW has asked for a full season of the spy series, along with Hellcats and One Tree Hill.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news, including an interesting quote from CW president Dawn Ostroff:

‘This fall, The CW made several strategic scheduling moves, including adding two of the most buzzed-about new series, Hellcats and Nikita, to our line-up, and we’re thrilled that they’ve paid off for us,’said Ostroff. ‘By giving our two freshman series and proven performer One Tree Hill full orders, we’ll be able to continue our success and momentum throughout the rest of the season.’

The news comes as a relief to Nikita fans, who worried about the show’s fate in the face of pickups of lesser-rated shows by other networks. Now whether or not this means The CW has faith in the show as it is, absent their planned tinkering, remains to be seen. I hope they realize that if it can earn a pickup on its current merits, the series does not need to be altered.

What do you think? Happy that The CW has made some deserved pickups? Ready for more episodes of these three shows?

  • http://twitter.com/forensicduck forensicduck

    I LOVE NIKITA, I'm so glad they got a full season! :D

    • http://twitter.com/TTCBrittanyF Brittany Frederick

      I know! No offense to the "Hellcats" and "Tree Hill" fans, but really I was all "Wow, Nikita's going to get a full season!" and after that I wasn't paying attention to the rest.

  • Sawyer

    Isn't One Tree Hill in its 518th season now? How does it manage to continue to get picked up?