One Tree Hill Renewed for a Shortened 9th Season?

The CW gave early renewals to several of its long-running shows recently, including Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, 90210 and America’s Next Top Model. But the fate of one long-running show – One Tree Hill – was up in the air.

TV Line’s Ausiello has just made the announcement that One Tree Hill has, in fact, been renewed for a ninth season. He said: “I’m willing to bet all of my Super Smurfs on it.” But don’t expect a full season order. The show will only be returning for approximately 13 episodes.

Let’s be clear that this isn’t official confirmation from The CW. Several One Tree Hill stars did recently sign contracts for a ninth season, including Sophia Bush, Bethany Joy Galeotti, Austin Nichols, Robert Buckley, Jana Kramer and Lisa Goldstein. But the network didn’t comment about the status. The current season 8 was only supposed to have around 13 episodes, but the season was extended by nine additional episodes when the show performed well earlier in the season.

The CW may be waiting until its Upfront presentation on May 19 to give official confirmation about this rumor, so it may be another week before we know the fate of One Tree Hill. The CW also hasn’t confirmed anything about the renewal or cancellation of two other shows: freshman series Hellcats and Nikita. The fate of these could depend on how well their pilots for next year are testing. I hear the Kevin Williamson-produced The Secret Circle is testing well, so there’s a good chance it could land a spot on the schedule for next year.

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  • Tyler

    Why won't they just move on and end this stupid show. Come on their acting skills are such a flop because they've been playing the same character for a million years. It's a soap opera honestly.

    Only good shows on the CW are TVD, Nikita and Supernatural.

    The rest are a pile of cow dung.

    GG is bearable because it gets so much attention.

    OTH NEEDS TO GO! I'm annoyed at the actors for signing on.

    Is Sophia Bush serious? I thought she wanted to do serious acting like 3 years ago…

    Please James Lafferty don't sign up! Please

    • dannie

      oth does not need to go it brilliant it means alot to me and not just me millions of people the river court for one and the way they go through lifes hiccups and still be there for each other at the end. if you dont like oth dont watch simple , but dont try and wreck it for the rest of us. if they couldnt act the seasons wouldnt keep on going pinhead . who do you think you are telling them not to sign up it got nothing to do with you like there going to listen . i think sophia bush is brilliant ab fab like i said before but out it got nothing to do with you what she does go and pester someone else freak.

  • dannie

    one tree hill all the way ,one tree hill all the way . one tree hill carry on do not go if you all agree reply

  • Hollie

    Keep it going. Bring back old faces and keep on with the current ways of the 8th season, I think this is by far one of the best shows out there!!

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