Netflix Has An Orange is the New Black Flappy Bird Game


I wont lie. Orange is the New Black was one of the my favorite new shows last year. From episode one until the season finale, I was hooked. You know what else was big last year? The app game, Flappy Bird. Well, what if I told you, right now to get people pumped up for season two dropping in mere days, Netflix had a clone of that game with an Orange is the New Black Feisty Chicken game? Well, it’s true. Just click the link and get ready to lose your mind. Flappy Birds is known for being rather, um maddening.

The game itself is a nod to the chicken in season one that seemed to allude everyone but Piper. It is a funny idea, a great way to get some viral buzz for the second season of this awesome show, and its just insane enough to be a good idea. The very idea behind viral marketing is still rather new to the world, but this is how you do it right.

Just a warning, though. The game is a bit maddening. We think that is the point, if you remember the actual chicken. You may spend five minutes on it today, you may spend five hours. But either way, it is a nice distraction between episodes of the new season of this amazing show.

[Photo via Netflix]


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