Five Popular Actors Without An Academy Award

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As most of us all know, the 86th version of the Academy Awards is happening this Sunday. So naturally, its been on our minds a lot over the past week.

Who will steal the biggest award for Best Picture? Will Ellen DeGeneres kill it as host? And, most importantly, who will earn the biggest individual awards of the night, including Leading/Supporting Actor and Actress?

While we’ll give you our Oscar predictions tomorrow, that last question is what we’re focusing on today, because some mighty popular thespians have enjoyed a tremendous career, yet lack that one thing to stamp their legacies—an Academy Award.

So here are the most popular actors/actresses who don’t have a mini golden statue on their mantel.

5. Glenn Close

When people think of actress Glenn Close, they often hold her in the same regard as similar actresses like Meryl Streep and Sally Field—who have both won at least one Oscar.

Unfortunately for Close, though, she has only garnered six nominations and never gotten a win.

Her most recent nomination came in 2011 for her role as Albert Nobbs in the flick sharing the same name. But even dressing up as a man didn’t cut it for Close, as she lost out to, wouldn’t you know it, Meryl Streep.

4. Johnny Depp

This might not be a huge shocker considering Depp often takes quirky, off-beat roles like Willy Wonka and Jack Sparrow, but it’s hard to believe that as big of a star as he is, he’s never earned himself an Oscar.

One of the more talented character actors of the past 20-plus years, the Academy hasn’t been too kind to Johnny, earning three career nominations without a victory.

Maybe Depp just falls into the category of being more popular and respected among peers and fans, doing projects he enjoys more than chasing the recognition?

3. Julianne Moore

Although she’s garnered three career nominations for an Academy Award, Julianne Moore has yet to ever get up on stage as a winner.

Sure, she’s won a SAG and Golden Globe Award, but Moore hasn’t been as lucky when it comes to the Oscars.

She’s given some great performances in movies like Boogie Nights, The End of the Affair, Far From Heaven and The Hours—for which she received two nominations in the same year for the latter two), and has still fallen short.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio

He was in one of the most successful and recognized movies to ever hit both the box office and the Awards circuit (Titanic)—along with a variety of others—but would you believe that Leonardo DiCaprio has yet to ever hear his name called for an Oscar?

The man has a net worth of over $200 million, dates supermodels and is generally regarded as one of the most-dynamic actors of the past 15 years, so life isn’t all that bad. But until Leo finds himself giving a reception speech at the Oscars, he’ll always remain to be the groomsman and never the groom.

With another nomination this year for his leading role in The Wolf of Wall Street, could this could be his year?

1. Brad Pitt

When you ask people who the biggest movie star in the world has been the past 25 years, Brad Pitt’s name is often mentioned by many people.

Even those who know nothing about film understand just how big this guy is.

As great as his two Golden Globes and ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ titles are to talk about, he remains lacking the intro as “Academy Award-winning actor…,” before his name.

He is nominated for 12 Years a Slave—which his production company produced—so that could change in the next few days. Though I’m sure Pitt would much rather earn his first one as an individual.

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