Awesome Parks and Recreation Fan Has Created His Own DJ Roomba

Parks and Rec DJ Roomba

Who’s the best supporting character to ever appear on Parks and Recreation? There should be no debate about this. The answer is quite obvious, actually. It’s DJ Roomba, Tom’s music playing, efficiently cleaning companion, an item that ever since I first saw it in season two of Parks and Rec I’ve wanted to have in my own home.

Well now, it seems that a certain Parks and Recreation fan has actually done what I’ve only thought about doing and made his own DJ Roomba. The fan tweeted out the photo of his creation to the Parks and Recreation Twitter account, which responded by tweeting back at him and saying, “THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.”

The fan-created DJ Roomba is the second interesting item this week that we’ve seen come from a fan of an NBC show. Just the other day, we showed a Hannibal toilet seat that a very oddly creative viewer came up with, and while that was pretty interesting and cool in its own right, it’s nothing compared to the awesomeness of DJ Roomba.

Fans of Parks and Recreation are probably feeling pretty nostalgic this summer, as the show is heading into its seventh and final season when it returns to NBC at midseason in 2015. The season six finale of Parks and Rec featured a huge, game-changing twist for the show, catapulting the series and its characters three years into the future of 2017, where Leslie has become incredibly successful with her new job with the National Parks Department and her and Ben’s triplets have become toddlers.

An if for some reason you haven’t watched enough Parks and Recreation to know what or who DJ Roomba is. check out the video below. It just may change your life.

Photo via Twitter

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