Megan Mullally Is Returning to Parks and Recreation for Season 7

Parks and Recreation Tammy 2

Tammy 2 is coming back to Parks and Recreation, everyone, and it looks like this time she might get herself into a real “Jamm.”

As first reported by TVLine, actress Megan Mulllally will be returning to the NBC sitcom for its seventh and final season to reprise her role as Tammy 2, Ron Swanson’s twisted and crazy ex-wife. The most interesting news about her return, however, is that the episode that she will be returning in, which will be the second episode of season seven, is titled “Ron & Jammy.”

It appears that this may be the Parks and Recreation writers resurrecting a plotline from the show’s season six finale that ultimately ended up on the cutting room floor. While Tammy 2 did return for last season’s finale to try to stir up trouble, she was also supposed to hook up with Councilman Jamm (Jon Glasser) thanks to some conspiring and plotting from Ron and Diane. However, the episode, which was already stuffed with so much story, just didn’t have enough time for it.

The only part of this news that concerns me is that the episode title, “Ron & Jammy,” suggests that Ron gets dragged back into the insane craziness that comes with his ex-wife, and while I definitely would love to see this small side plot between Tammy and Jamm come to fruition, I would only be for it if the relationship between Ron and Diane remained unscathed by whatever happens.

Ultimately, we will have to see what the writing team has in store for us at midseason, when Parks and Recreation returns to NBC for its seventh and final season, which consist of 13 episodes and take place in 2017 after the season six finale’s three-year time jump.

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