Seth Rogen’s Preacher is Officially Happening at AMC

seth rogen

Get ready for AMC’s Next Big Series. While the channel always has original shows in the pipeline, the news that Seth Rogen’s adaptation of the famed comic Preacher is going to be a big deal for the network. Breaking Bad’s Sam Catlin is serving as showrunner and EP, if you needed any more convincing.

Preacher is bound to be a controversial show for the network as read this synopsis, and tell me it won’t be:

“Preacher” is one of the more acclaimed adult comic book series of the ’90s, telling the story of Texas reverend Jesse Custer and his friends as they learn that God has abandoned His place in Heaven and try to track down the Almighty to make him answer for the sorry state of life on this here Earth. The series features angels, deadly saints, vampires, inbred hillbillies and all manner of depravity.”

I feel like there’s going to be protests in the streets in America when this airs.  And I honestly can’t wait. I still don’t quite understand Seth Rogen’s attachment to this project, but I trust the entire team enough where I’m thinking this will be worthwhile.

Now, who to play Jesse Custer?

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