Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: The DiLaurentis Family Mystery & a Fashion Show

Clarissa June 28, 2011 24

Updated: For more photos from the July 19 episode – as well as a trailer – click here.

The July 19 episode of Pretty Little Liars will deepen the mystery surrounding the DiLaurentis family. Jason DiLaurentis has returned to town in the second season of Pretty Little Liars and it’s already clear that there’s something going on with him. Spencer is obviously suspicious about what’s happening in the DiLaurentis household and episode 2.03 (airing tonight) will raise those suspicions even higher.

Meanwhile, in the July 19 episode, Alison’s mother is introduced. Andrea Parker (The Pretender) has been cast as Jessica DiLaurentis and she comes to Rosewood to ask Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer to participate in the Rosewood Charity Fashion Show in Alison’s memory.

The question, of course, is what exactly the DiLaurentis matriarch is hiding. Is she connected to “The Jason Thing” that Jenna and Garrett referred to in the season 2 premiere? Do she and Jason know more about Alison’s disappearance and death than we’ve been lead to believe? I love that the show is able to bring Alison’s family back into the fold in an interesting way a whole season after Alison’s body was found.

Aria decides to do some digging of her own in this episode and talks to Jason about the night that Alison disappeared, hoping to jog his memory.

Also in the July 19 episode of Pretty little Liars, Spencer realizes that the cost of her recent distraction means that Mona has stepped in to take charge of running the fashion show, putting the girls at odds. Emily, meanwhile, will need to start making some decisions regarding Samara when it looks like she might be dating someone else.

View photos from the fashion show below (more to be posted later!). You can also read spoilers for the July 5 and 12 episodes of Pretty Little Liars here.

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  • dextermorgan

    Alison's mom (played by a different actress) was in the pilot episode, at Alison's funeral.

    • Bertha

      wow that's a great point that you pointed out. i really appreciate this comment i re-watched all of the episodes your right! wow thanks!!!!!!!!

  • Bertha

    allison is dead but in the books alli was the pyscho twin sister. the twins switched. so ha lets find out what happens next

  • Bertha

    my room is decked out pretty little liars i am obsessed i know all of the secrets to this show i am so excited to see what happens the show is definatley different from the books ive read the books at least 19 times each i am an avid reader i boggles my mind.

  • bertha

    wow excuse me but we are just trying to insert our valid opinion so we would greatly appreciate it if you would let us keep our comments on this website for everyone to read.  as you may know i am an avid reader of the pretty little liars books and i also watch the episodes multiple time to pick out little details that help me know what happens next.  i very well may be the most reliable source for good information, this is absurd.  this is a major spoiler alert: ALL OF THE GIRLS DIES

  • bertha

    pardon me i had a little glitch in my computer or something it didnt load my comments. i am very dissapointed in myself for lettting the pretty little liars come out of me i am truly sorry, being the avid read and watcher that i am i should be smarter then this. i will be back with more comments in the next 24 hours cya then ;]

  • Kiki

    What? are you sure the girls die?

    • bertha

      yes i am sure kiki

    • Hallie

      Omg that makes me so upset to know that they all Die >:(

    • sarah

      they dont in the books they barely make it out of a burning house with there lives after the real A set it on fire

  • Tori

    i think you have been watching this show too much. lying never turns out good

  • Tyra

    That actually would make sense. The Melissa's baby is Toby's idea, but for the others yeah i dont know! The reason it makes sense is because Melissa could of been mad that her sister was messing around with her boyfriend so she did the same to her.

  • bertha

    Yes thank you guys for believing my insight. Everyone thinks I'm crazy I'm being serious I know so much about this show. I'm telling you now each of the girls are going to die one at a time. No one even knew that they were gone. Well we will see what happens. Any questions?

    • Hallie

      Yes I do!!!! How do each of them die and Say in order please :)

  • Pretty Little Liar

    -A, you spelled you're & nosey wrong.

  • Biiiiiiiitch.

    These comments are stuuuupid, nobody knows wtf is gonna happen, except the people who actually work on the show! dumb asses.


    did anyone notice the framed picture on the wall in the hallway at school behind Hannah when she was talking to the foster mother ? It had a picture of a girl holding a white poster board an all u could see was the word -point- in big black letters …wonder if this is a clue????

  • Pretty Little Liar

    It could be a clue. I wonder what Jenna is up to.

  • Kristin

    TO BERTHA!!!   You are a moron with no life….. If YOU were an actual real fan of the show you would have known that the SHOW is simply BASED on the books and read that the producer AND writers AND cast members have ALL said at different times the outcome of the show, who A is and the killer will be different that what happens in the book series. But seriously you are a loser who has no clue and obviously needs to grow up.   stupid little girl…

  • Jameena

    You guys are stupid and crazy. Its so obvo that toby did it. I can't believe you're fighting over PLL! Get a friggin life arseholes

  • shantelllleeeee

    You lot are pathetic fighting over this – who actually gives a toss what happens – omdays u make me cringe tryna be like u know whats gonna happen haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa dont make me piss myself haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa oh wait you did xx

  • bianka

    In the book Alison has a twin sister. Maybe in the tv show Jason is the mental sibling.

    At the end of each show, there's a little scene of "A" always being one step ahead of the girls. Well in the recent episode when Spencer and Emily sneak into Jason's shed. Jason set up a secret camera in his shed cause he knew the girls would be back. So he got the picture of the girls in his shed but he's doing this scene how "A" does it. So Jason could possibly be "A" but he doesn't know it.

    I Think Jenna and Garret are "A" and sending the secret text messages, but i think Jason is spying. He doesn't remember what happened the night of Alisons death, and Jenna and Garret want to keep it like that.

    • Ferga

      If u read the books you will know who A is ;) and who killed Ali ;)

  • Counting Mutant

    In the books, Mona was A. She found Ali's diary in a box of discarded stuff on the curb after Maya moves in to the old DiLaurentis house. After Mona gets killed, some Random is arrested for Ali's murder and we find out she has a secret twin sister. But in the books, Toby is dead and so is Jenna. Toby REALLY did rape Jenna in the books, and Emily has a boyfriend – so obviously the books don't dictate the show, just give the back bone. That is why it says "Inspired by" instead of "Based on".