Pretty Little Liars 2.24 Review: Wicked Games

Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Episode 24Well, I will be damned. Last night, Pretty Little Liars dropped enough bombshells in its penultimate episode that left this writer’s mouth on the floor the entire episode. And we still have the finale and A’s reveal to look for! So let’s list the top things about last night’s episode and discuss who A could be.

The (Wicked) Eyes Have It

As soon as Jenna started crying after taking off her bandages, I knew the heifer had regained her sight. But the amazing thing about the troublemaker’s rediscovered vision is how she’s completely duped everyone, including Toby, about her condition. What does this mean? She can wreck more havoc on her enemies without them even knowing she’s got her eye on them in the most wicked way possible. Jenna’s first casualty was Garrett, which begs the question on what exactly happened between those two for Jenna to throw Garrett to the wolves. A part of me feels that we won’t exactly get the full story of that fallout, but best believe it was a bonafide whiplash moment that I didn’t see coming. And what about the crucial piece of evidence in Page 5? I could’ve sworn it was allegedly destroyed at one time, but I might have gotten my documents switched up. Speaking of Officer Reynolds and his weird love life…

The ‘What The Frak’ Moment of the Night Goes To… Garrett and Melissa?!

Where the hell did that come from?! I nearly puked up my breakfast, lunch, and dinner (which I was digesting at the moment) when the two shared a kiss and several shady glances between the two. How long have this tryst been going on? What lead to it? Does A know about the situation? Better yet, could this unholy union have been the catalyst that split Genna/Jarrett (Jenna and Garrett), sending Jenna on the warpath? This latter theory makes tons of sense in my book.

Aria’s Lost Her Ever Loving Mind… and Something Else As Well.

Again, I might be the minority in this , but Aria was straight up foul in this episode when it came to her even thinking of throwing Byron under the bus for his past transgressions. Was her parents wrong for trying to end her to boarding school? Yes. However, that doesn’t give her the right to stoop to their level, especially if it could jeopardize their livelihood in the long run.

Plus, Byron has yet to tell anyone at his school of the true reason why he doesn’t want Ezra at Hollis. If he did, then boarding school would be the least of Aria’s problems, because the media frenzy of her and Ezra’s relationship would hinder Aria from acceptance to any prominent campus in the country. So imagine the damage and chaos that exposing Byron’s past transgressions could do. To go back to Mike’s question from a few episodes back, is Ezra really worth the trouble to go through all that nonsense?

Finally, there is the most notable development of the night: Aria and Ezra finally gave in and did the deed. I was a bit perturbed about this part of the story, a sentiment I’m sure will get me plenty of hate comments and emails from here on out. So… Let’s move on!

Psychic Kids Are Creepy…But Cool

The psychic grandson (son?) of the doll shop owner took the episode high into creeptastic territory. Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Episode 24The kid basically had all the answers the Liars needed to nip this mystery in the bud once and for all. However, a prearranged agreement with A, and a truly nerve-wrecking scene in the doll shop basement, destroyed all hopes for a resolution, paying the shopkeeper handsomely for their silence. Where is A getting all this money from? Could it be the money Alison had stashed away, because what other teenage girl would have access to that much money on hand like that?

But the fact there is a psychic kid in the area is just beyond awesome and hopefully he can help the girls in their next mystery. Can we set that up, Pretty Little Liars writers? Please and thank you.

Who. Is. A?!? Suspect Roll Call!

We have Melissa, Jenna, and hell I’m even throwing in Mona still even though she’s become an ally of sort. I think one of these three girls have to be A. Just have to be. At this point if A is unmasked to be someone else entirely, I will be one unhappy Pretty Little Liars fan. Although, if the random person turns out being an ingenious plot twist, I will love it and love it well. But that’s beyond the point.

For Melissa, she has all the reasons to come after Alison, but would she really be worried about stalking Alison’s friends, including her own sister? I don’t think so. I do believe that maybe Melissa probably accidentally killed Alison and Ian was probably covering up for her with the help of Garrett. As for Melissa being A? I don’t buy it. Which leads me to my next suspect…

Jenna has every reason to come after the Liars, because of their ‘role’ in ‘The Jenna Thing’ and covering it up. Not only did she lose her sight, but her already calculating mind probably fractured into a million shards of crazy. Think about it. Jenna could have used her disability as a weapon to get on the good graces of everyone in town, which in effect could have given her access into any place she wanted if need be. The girl is the epitome of cunning and she’s not below ruining the lives who have crossed her. Ask her former boy-toy Garrett if you don’t believe me. Now in the case of Alison diLaurentis’s murder? I think she’s innocent… and that’s all I have on that at the moment.

Now let’s talk about Mona and Maya. First up is everyone’s favorite Social Queen, who has motive to both off Alison and give the Little Liars a reason to squirm. Mona was the outsider who Alison and the others shunned, so that’s the foundation for a revenge plot. What if after stalking Alison and finishing her off in a jealous, hate-filled moment, Mona turned her attention to the Liars? Think about it. She befriended Hanna, the weakest link of the group to gain access to the Liars and their lives so she could wreck shop from the inside out. The whole ‘A is stalking me too!’ bit? B.S. It’s the oldest trick in the book for the culprit to act as if they are a victim as well to ease the guard of their targets. Plus, it would make perfect sense if it was revealed that Mona only came up with her ‘plan’ so that she can effectively point a finger at Melissa, semi-take Caleb from Hanna, and keep tabs on just how close the Liars are to finding out her identity. Now let all that simmer on your noggin…

So what did you guys think about last night’s second season penultimate episode of Pretty Little Liars? What are your theories on who killed Alison and who A could possibly be?

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