Pretty Little Liars 4.24 Review: “A is for Answers”

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This is the episode we find out everything, at least that’s what every single ad has claimed in the last week. Ali will finally give us a play-by-play of that infamous night and we may even find out who A is. Well, Pretty Little Liars definitely delivered on the promise of letting the audience in on some of the more curious aspects of the night of a thousand meetings, but they still wavered on our precious A reveal. Yet this was still a satisfying and surprising finale.

So the police are searching the girls’ homes and have taken the Hastings in for questioning in separate rooms. We find Melissa Hastings is back and, with the flashbacks, this is turning into an all-star episode. The police also have found Cece and are questioning her about Wilden’s death. Odd, but I think Cece is wearing the same clothes that Mrs. De Laurentis had bought in the last episode.

Interestingly, and what has to be a set up for yet another mystery in June, Melissa tells her father that Spencer didn’t kill “that girl” (WHO?) then whispers something to him that the audience isn’t privy to

The girls are surprised by Noel Kahn (where did he come from??) who takes them to meet Alison. He also takes their phones-so that later in the episode when the police are tracking the girls, they are led to the wrong place.  Ali tells the girls that she has no idea who “A” is and that A has been harassing her since before she disappeared. This is where Ali actually tells all.

Rundown of The Night Ali Supposedly Died:

Ali steals incriminating videos from Ian while with him in Hilton Head

-thinking Jenna is threatening her, Ali uses a video of Jenna and Toby together as blackmail-realizes Jenna is not A because Ali is still getting threatening messages

-Ali wants to go out That Night- fights with her mother who wants her to stay home

– sneaks out to meet the girls and drugs them with sleeping pills, only Spencer doesn’t stay asleep because she is taking Adderall at the time

-Ali meets up with  and quickly eliminates as A Toby, Ezra, and Aria’s father

-meets with Ian to threaten him with his videos in case he is A. Ian denies bothering her and warns her to be careful about how she uses those videos

-goes back to barn where Spencer is awake-they fight-Ali finds Spencer’s pills and promises to keep them a secret

-Ali heads home and sees her mother through the front window-at that moment someone knocks her out with a rock- next scene is her mother burying her alive-Ali is pulled out of the ground and taken to the hospital but she runs away and is picked up by Mona-Mona gives Ali the idea to fake her own death

-Mona already has creepy lair set up thus Mona has always been creepy, I’ll  now freely admit that it’s not Ali’s fault.

Ok, so I’m beyond satisfied that the show has finally given us a coherent timeline of that night. Over the last four seasons, being given glimpses, it seemed like Ali traveled all over town in a matter of hours; in reality most people came to see her and the meetings were very brief.

Finally A makes an appearance chasing the girls with a gun to the roof of the building where Ezra shows up. He tries to wrestle the gun away getting shot in process. Hannah gets hold of the gun and demands that A pulls off their mask. Instead,  A jumps off roof,  pulls themselves  back up, scrambles out the door and we are still none the wiser as to who the heck is “A.”

Last shot: Mrs. De Laurentis being buried (alive?).  Like daughter, like mother?

My favorite scene is when Ali admits to the girls that she hadn’t been a good friend. Ali self-awareness is refreshing from a girl who in flashbacks seemed simply self-absorbed.  Emily’s hero worship of Ali is still intact as the girls are all being chased by crazy A shooting a gun, she screams at only Ali to run. Never change, co-dependent Emily.

Spencer is finally vindicated in knowing that she did not kill or harm anyone that night and credit goes to Ali for giving Spencer that peace of mind despite their volatile relationship.

This episode promised answers from Ali and it certainly delivered and then left us with about 50 more questions.

What’s up with Noel helping Ali? Why is Mona so creepily obsessed with Alison? Who in the world is “that girl” who Spencer didn’t kill? Why was Mrs. De Laurentis so scared for Ali to go out “that night?” Who knocked Ali out? Who is burying Mrs. De Laurentis? Who is A?? Will Ezra die? Ok, I added that last one because I’m sure someone cares if he makes it.

I’m so done with this show…until June 10th of course.

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