Pretty Little Liars Preview: The Girls Return Tonight and They’re at Each Other’s Throats!

Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Episode 14 (ABC)Pretty Little Liars is finally back from its extended midseason hiatus tonight (with only the Halloween prequel in October to tide us over) and the show is back in fine form. Episode 2.14 jumps forward a few weeks from the end of the summer finale, but all the mystery we’ve come to know and love is still there.

When tonight’s episode opens, Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer are fulfilling their community service obligations after their arrest in the summer finale. But things have changed. For one thing, the girls are not as close as they once were. More specifically, Emily is the odd girl out. For a reason that will later become clear, Emily has been ostracized from her friends. One of the reasons is her willingness to make a deal with “A”, which Spencer is definitely against. Without the support of her friends, is Emily now in a position to be manipulated by “A”?

In addition to the overall “A” mystery, each of the girls have their own problems in tonight’s Pretty Little Liars. Spencer’s a tough cookie tonight, throwing around innuendo about how sketchy Officer Garrett is right to his face, but she’s also dealing with Toby, which is not happy about their breakup in the previous episode. She just wants to keep him safe from “A”, but he wants to be with her at any cost. Can there be a middle ground? We’re definitely hoping so!

Hanna, meanwhile, is thrilled when Caleb returns to town after visiting his mother, but there’s also fallout from her actions at her father’s wedding. In particular, someone comes to Rosewood with news that doesn’t please Hanna in the least and sets up a great deal of conflict for her for the rest of the season.

Aria has a lot of relationship problems in tonight’s Pretty Little Liars. She and Ezra are almost found out by Mike, which prompts the pair to finally come clean to her parents about their relationship. I won’t tell you exactly how that confession will go, but let’s just say that Aria’s parents react as any parent of a highschool girl would when they learn their daughter has been dating a man who used to be her teacher.

Finally, the best part of the episode is at the very end, when a valuable clue to discovering “A”‘s identity is revealed. Perhaps the best clue to date. My only hope is that it doesn’t turn into another red herring. But considering executive producer Marlene King has confirmed that we’ll learn “A”‘s true identity in the season finale, I think that the clue discovered in tonight’s episode will play a part in unraveling the mystery over the rest of the season.

Don’t miss an all new episode of Pretty Little Liars, tonight at 8:00 p.m. on ABC Family. Watch a clip of the girls fighting below and use the arrows above to browse through photos for the episode. You can also watch three more sneak peeks and view additional photos for the episode here.

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