Pretty Little Liars Promo & Photos: Ashley’s Determined to Know Hanna’s Secrets

Clarissa February 20, 2012 0

Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Episode 22This week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars brought a few unexpected surprises. The biggest one is that the girls received a new video from Caleb and were shocked to see Melissa in it. In other words, she was in the DiLaurentis house before Alison’s death. The girls ordered Spencer to talk to her sister to get answers, but Melissa blew off her meeting with Spencer to hang out with Garrett. Spencer happened to see the two of them together and didn’t understand the connection between them.

Meanwhile, Mona started getting steady texts from “A”, who wanted her to expose Hanna’s mother for her part in getting Hanna’s shoplifting charges dropped. When Ashley later found a copy of Hanna’s police report with a note from “A”, she got very curious about what Hanna is keeping from her.

Aria and Spencer met up with the former cell phone company technician. They gave him the $2,000 and, in exchange, he gave them an address where “A” had apparently used a burn cell to text Alison. When the girls went to the house, they found that an old man lived there and think they just got scammed.

A new episode of Pretty Little Liars will be airing on February 27. We’re counting down to the season 2 finale. In the next episode, the girls join their father at Rosewood’s annual Father-Daughter dance, but it doesn’t look like “A” is going to let them have a fun night out. Meanwhile, Melissa becomes more defensive with Spencer and Ashley digs into this whole “A” situation in hopes of finding out what Hanna is hiding from her.

Watch two trailers below for the February 27 episode of Pretty Little Liars. Plus, check out some spoilers for more upcoming episodes here.