Tonight On Private Practice: “You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Till It’s Gone”

Shelli W October 23, 2012 0

There may have been no new episode of Private Practice last week, but the show returns this week with the ominous title “You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Till It’s Gone.”

Last time on Private Practice the doctors were busy trying to cope with their grief, each in different ways.  Violet, seemingly the focus of the episode, spent most of the episode in a group therapy session, listening as others told their own stories of love and loss.  For her, grief came to a head after repeatedly trying to tell three year-old Lucas that Daddy isn’t coming home, when the boy voiced his love for her and his father.

Pete’s death struck an entirely different chord with Cooper and Charlotte.  Charlotte focused herself on work, taking extra shifts at the hospital either because she feels like she needs to do so or because she simply cannot bring herself to replace Pete just yet, while Cooper resigned himself to the role of protector, worrying over Charlotte in fear that something tragic may happen.  It’s further proof to the fact that the two are very different people on paper, with completely different personalities, yet the fact that they love each other and work as a couple is wonderful.

The episode also dealt with Sam and Addison’s struggles to be honest with their partners.  Each was clearly distracted through the hour, hiding from the grief of two of their friends.  Hypocritically, Sam lectures Addison that she should be honest with Jake over he fears and her past, though it takes him the entire episode to do the same with Stephanie.

We also sat witness to Sheldon’s anger over a potential diagnosis of prostate cancer.  Seen in the premiere, there was clearly news for the therapist of some kind, and it was finally revealed in the last episode.  Sheldon, however, seems more upset over knowing than over the disease itself.

Tonight on Private Practice Addison and Jake disagree about one of his patients, Stephanie grows more curious about Sam’s past with Addison, and a new doctor (Matt Long**) signs on at Saint Ambrose.  Also, Sheldon fears the worst after a little girl disappears from the emergency room.

How will things end for couples Addison and Jake, and Sam and Stephanie?  Will the conflict bring them closer together or push them apart?  And where exactly does this new doctor fit into things?  When it was announced that Matt Long would be joining the cast it was not revealed in what capacity, other than ‘doctor.’  Is he going to play a rival for Charlotte?  Or a love interest, perhaps?

Tune in to find out!

Private Practice airs tonight at 10/9c on ABC.