Rescue Me Spoilers: Final Two Episode Descriptions

This season on Rescue Me, we’ve seen pot brownies, wedding planning, and visions of the past coming back to haunt the present. We’ve had a ballsy former love interest of Tommy’s return to astounding results, Franco assume more responsibility in his career, and some pretty serious post-coital flatulence that literally brought out the gas masks. Sheila used her powers of persuasion to stop a poor report about the 62 Truck from making it on the air, while Tommy has been cooped up in a house with four women and Lou’s food issues haven’t gone away as promised.

It’s been a season of high highs and low lows for Rescue Me, but a season that seems to be barreling toward a devastating, moving, and altogether sastifying conclusion. Now that we’re heading down the home stretch and allowing one of FX’s great dramas to cross the finish line, what can we expect to see in the final two episodes?

Episode 8: Vows (August 24th)
Colleen and Black Shawn wed, but the day’s glow becomes an inferno when a major fire breaks out.

Episode 9: Ashes (September 7th)
Series finale: The guys at 62 Truck struggle to pick up the pieces and move on following a major fire. At the Fire Academy, meanwhile, a new batch of probies hear a familiar speech from a new leader.

I believe the biggest issue looming after reading the descriptions has to be the question of who dies. Rescue Me has been a show unafraid to knock off a regular cast member (Johnny, Jerry, Connor, Michael, etc.), but being that we’re inches from the finish line, it’s a safe bet that one of the regulars will be meeting their maker quite soon. A death by any major firefighter in the show would have a pretty tremendous impact, so I don’t think there’ll be a “really, that guy?” kind of moment in the final two episodes.

For me, though, it’ll likely come down to two possibilities. Lou’s been the heart, soul, and spirit of Rescue Me and having him be the one to go would probably be the hardest for Tommy to take; it makes sense, though, as the description indicates a new leader, so perhaps someone gets booted up to Lieutenant in the wake of Ken’s death. Maybe the close call last season and the food issues this season have been a major bit of foreshadowing for the demise of Lou. Franco, on the other hand, has just experienced upward mobility in his career for the first time in the show, so his death would be that much more heartbreaking. We’ve seen the kind of potential that Franco has to move up in the ranks and to see that type of bravery, intelligence, and charisma cut short would be beyond tragic. It’d be a little more poignant, at least in thought, to have Lou pass and then Franco (or even Tommy) moving up to Lieutenant and subsequently giving the speech to the probies.

I don’t see the show getting rid of White Sean or Mike, as offing the comic relief would be unusual, especially since neither have had a big role to play this season. Black Shawn is a distinct possibility, though; I could see them getting the call during the reception and having to leave immediately, so having Colleen lose her husband of a few short hours would be pretty devastating (impacting Tommy, the show’s center) and could make for some amazing television. Plus, the new leader the description indicates doesn’t necessarily mean that an old leader gets killed, so I could see the loss of Black Shawn throwing everybody for a loop and resulting in possible retirements from those facing their own mortality.

The descriptions are quite short, so there’s a lot of issues the show has that are still floating around. The only certain is that Janet will be having her baby, just because a final season pregnancy generally results in a baby by the last episode. TV 101 and all. (My money is on it being another girl for the Gavin family, just to stick it to Tommy one last time.) There’ll likely be a bit of closure for Sheila, especially since she’s backing off finding a cure for Damien and confronting the loss of Jimmy again, with White Shawn and Mike around to throw in one-liners and merrily go on their ways. I only hope is that we get to see Kelly again, even for a short scene or two, as Maura Tierney’s performance has been the highlight of the season for me.

My guess is that we’ll find out if Mickey and Teddy keep running the bar (and stay sober), whether Chief’s brief memory losses will be explained (and if he’ll leave the job should they get worse), and depending on who survives, if Franco assumed a new role in the firehouse or Lou refocuses on bettering his life.

The one thing you won’t see, though? Tommy killing himself. During the TCA conferences this year, it was revealed that Tolan and Leary wanted to have Tommy commit suicide in the finale, likely by walking into the ocean or sitting in a chair during a fire, but decided it was too negative. While I see their point of not wanting to end a long-running series on such a down note, either ending would have had such an emotional impact (and honestly, would have provided hauntingly beautiful imagery) that I kind of wish that that was the route they went.

It’d show that even the great Tommy Gavin can’t run away forever.

What do you hope to see happen during the final two episode of Rescue Me? If one of the men from Ladder 62 has to die, who do you think would have the most impact? What would you think if the series killed off Tommy instead of one of the other firefighters?

  • jrbear

    Leary was on a talk show this week, and said Tommy would become a priest. I'm sure he was kidding. Tommy 'almost' died twice in season ending cliff-hangers already. It make the most sense that it would be Tommy who dies in a big fire. This season and last have sucked anyway, a long too slow goodbye to what once was a great series. It stayed around too long already.

    • TeriJ

      Every season has been wonderful and it's sad that it's coming to an end.

  • cjason

    In Season 1, Episode 1 the first scene is Tommy addressing the new fire academy trainees. If the show closes with someone else addressing the new class of trainees, that would imply Tommy is not there to do it.

    My guess, he dies as Janet is giving birth to a son she names "Tommy".

    • http://yahoo gail g

      In a promo on you tube for ashes besides the funeral there is one showing tommy instructing the probies. I dont think it is from season 1 because there is a wall there with names. So i think he does survive goes on to become lt takes lous place n he dies. It does show him pointing to what looks like mike n maybe shawn n someone else, but i think they are the ghosts

  • agreentypeoftube

    Tommy going down in a fire seems too obvious, too much of a cop out. There isn't much creative about that. Janet having a baby and naming him Tommy also seems like a cliche. Sticking him with another daughter would be hilarious.

    Rescue Me has done a good job avoiding the cliches. It appears clear that someone is going down. My bet would be on either Franco or Black Shawn. Black Shawn dying would be a huge heartbreak. And Franco has been set up as an incredible A-hole this season; if he died, there would be a lot of emotion to filter through.

  • eric

    They are all dead. Dead at ground zero. Its all a dream of Tommys cousin who really survived 9/11. Or its old chief feinburg rocking in a chair in a nursing home dreaming it

    • Paula

      I totally agree! I also think they had died 9/11. But then again, what about the baby? Who's baby would it be?

  • LeeLoo

    I wouldn't be surprised if Lou, Franco AND Tommy die. The new leader would be Black Shawn..

  • Fitzpatrick

    Regardless of the series choosing to follow cliche's or not I think that Tommy's death in the finale would leave the greatest impact on viewers as he can gracefully die a hero, especially just as everyone has loved him again after the letters, giving the viewers a chance to see that if he does die, he has already made his peace with everyone whilst he was alive(even though it was Lou that did it for him)

    Some of the most Epic endings have followed some sort of cliche, My opinion is an ending much like the film Ladder 49 having the truck drive down the street with Tommy's coffin on the back whilst an epic sad song possibly with bagpipes is playing, the camera does a shot of the street with the truck driving away and the crew walking behind followed by the gavin family and finally all the ghosts from ground zero enter the viewing aarea and follow the crowd following the truck, as well as all the ghosts of the lives that have died before Tommy.


    • Fitzpatrick

      Your ending was the one that should have been. I loved all the guys

      but it was the end. I wanted the ending that left us all trying to

      deal with what Tommy had to deal with every day after 9/11.

      However I do also think that the ending that was broadcast tied up

      many of the loose ends. I felt like they had to "dumb it down" for

      the fans. Gosh I really hated the time alloted to Colleen's wedding.

      Generally every woman in this series other than Maura Tierney's

      awesome character was completely loathsome and two dimensional.

      The story was about the guys and the firefighters that go into those

      buildings knowing every time they may not see the sky, their family,

      their friends, anything ever again. I just wanted to tell you how

      I love your ending. Thanks, cause now I can file that one as the

      better way for the series to go out. I expected that instead of

      Tommy "committing suicide" that he would be turning around when

      all the others were leaving the building because he could not allow

      someone else that might still be in the fire to perish without his

      intervention. He would die a hero but not a casualty, because he

      was committed to his life work, haunted each day by reality that

      others can leave somewhere in the backs of their minds because it is

      just too horrible to face. I loved the series, but always more

      when it was about Tommy and his inner struggle to live each day.

      Everyone around him never really got him. Not even Sheila who thought

      he paralleled her own anquish and needed the physical connection to

      survive. Sheila was too selfish. Tommy never was, not ever.

      He will always be my hero.

      • Catalyst 54

        I entered a reply to Fitzpatrick. I don't know why it came up as

        Fitzpatrick says: Sorry, didn't mean for that to happen.

  • Annie

    Both Tommy and Lou go down together.

  • Tom

    Well, the previews that just aired a few minutes ago showed all the standard firefighter funeral imagery – MULTIPLE flag-draped caskets, dress uniforms, and bagpipes, so it looks like there is more than one death resulting from the fire. IMO, Tommy and Lou are the most likely candidates to go – most likely sacrificing themselves for the rest of the crew. Sucks that we now have to wait a whole week…

  • Travis

    I know its a stretch but what if they are all wiped out? Not sure if there is any precedence for such an ending. I could see it happening for some reason.

    • kweb

      Last eipsode, last season 4 days before the 10th Anniversary of 9/11…..they all die, sadly, tribute to heroes. there's no way this show can have a happy ending…Tribute to the Heroes of 9/11

      • ss

        Unfortunately, I think that is almost a guarantee. Leary said from the first season if it were up to him they would all go out in a blaze at the end. I think we will be fortunate if one lives.

  • paul

    This season has had way to much of tommy's family in it. I fast forward through those women every episode because its the same thing over and over. They want Tommy to do something, he doesn't want to, he stutters while he "acts" then they whine to him about how much he sucks, and then he does it. It got really bad over the past 2 seasons.

    I think black shawn def dies as does franco and maybe Lou. They foreshadowed it well with Black Shawn speaking of how he is going to have the best honeymoon night..and how he "quit" on the stairwell because he knows he is going to die. Lou says "trust me" he dies. he has been slowly dying all seasons long. tommy survives..with even more guilt.

    • Cheryl

      I think Paul is dead on in his guess (and his commentary on how annoying the women were this season – except the episode with Maura who helps Tommy deal).

      Tommy will survive to lose even more and will either become a decent dad to his next daughter or withdraw even more

  • Joe

    Wow… I like the old Feinberg dreaming the entire story up at a retirement home! It does seem a bit too Soprano-ish though. This series seems to enjoy shocking people, and I think that shock in the final episode will be Tommy surviving when most of the viewers expect him to die… especially with all the forshadowing of his death during this season with the letters etc. I predict Lou will die in very dramatic fashion.. perhaps in a way that he sacrifices himself to save Black Shawn. The new baby will be a boy, and will be named after the departed Lou. Tommy will start his new job at the academy, and the series will end on a positive note on the Gavin family and extended family.

  • Austin

    I read in an interview with John Scurti (Lou) that the final scene of the series is supposed to be in the top 5 series ending scenes of all time. John also states that Leary let him have the last line, which I believe could imply both Lou and Tommy survive. It could also be a 9/11 flashback of Lou and Tommy carrying on a normal conversation while sitting in a street after the towers fell. Most likely going out on a line that fittingly, only Lou could say.

  • Dawn

    Does anyone know what happened to Janet's baby Tommy gave to Sheila? I watched to first few seasons and then watched an episode here and there since. No one seems to mention him?!

    • HKath

      Its Wyatt, Janet took the baby back

  • Bill

    I doubt Lou. In the preview they showed someone pinning a lieutenant rank pin with a "62" on it on a dress uniform so it would be strange to randomly have a new 62 truck lieutenant jump in for the funeral.

    • Eric

      Maybe it could be Franco getting the pin?

  • cambion

    Yeah Teddy walked out with him to get away from Tommy in the last episode, before the talk with Janet

  • cambion

    If you watch the scenes from next week at one point Tommy(someone carrying the Gavin bunker jacket) walks by a rack of bunker jackets and they all disappear…

  • rescue mee

    i think there were multiple caskets – what if nilsie (sp?) didn't make it off the roof in time, and damien dies as well?

    • rescue mee


  • Austin

    In the last scene of this episode Tommy says "What do you wanna do lou?" Lou Tells tommy "Go….go, we'll be fine" I trying to figure out the significance or meaning to this…anyone wanna help me out?

    • gumper1068

      I have heard rumors for quite a while that Tommy is and has been a ghost that is "always riding the 62 truck". Lou's last comment to Tommy in Vows points to this. How can Tommy leave but no one else can? At least two die including one officer if the scene of the caskets proceeding into the cathedral is accurate (hats of pall bearers). My guess: Lou dies, with at least one other and Tommy is already dead. I would not rule out the whole truck goes down on this one as Lou says "we'll"…. I need a sleeping pill until next week.

      • Austin

        That would be brilliant if thats the case

      • DG

        He meant to go up the rest of the stairwell with the rest of the guys, and to leave Lou at the bottom, trying to hold the door.

  • baptiste

    love the speculation. hope the show ends in a positive light.

  • cambion

    They show Nilsie taking off his helmet and hanging his head after the fire in the previews too

  • Scott

    I think its either Franco or black Shawn or both. They show Janet crying and multiple caskets. I highly doubt they kill off Tommy or Lou.

  • Firedog348

    I'm just ticked off that the show is ending! Why would they stop such a successful show? It looked like to me there was multiple caskets, I'm thinking Tommy doesn't die.

  • Mike

    This series was created after the tragic death of 6 Worcester Mass firefighters in 1999. They died while rescuing 2 homeless kids in an abandoned building. tonites episode recreated that tragic night. Leary is ending this show in honor of them.

    • Matty P

      Mike, In response to you talking about the Worcester 6, one of which was Leary's cousin which was all the reasons he started his Fire Fighter foundation and this show. Great insight!! I saw the similarities in that as well but i just feel killing off a hole crew of fire man this close to 9/11 is in bad taste, but I do like the dream sequence ideas and i can see Tommy finally moving up into a boss position at either the academy or HQ

  • odis

    I think Lou,black Shawn, and franco die. Tommy takes over as Lt. He has a boy and names him after lou. tommys daughter will be very very upset with shawns death. but then after she relizes shes pregent. mike and white shawn are still alive and still making there jokes.shawn gets married and mike who knows

  • julie

    what if lou's words tonight were the last ones, and next weeks episode is all just scored with no dialogue?

  • rescue mee

    someone mentioned on another site to not forget that tommy sees and speaks to ghosts. if lou were to die tommy might still be able to talk to him after the fire.

  • Steve

    I think the final episode will result in the deaths of Tommy, black Shawn and quite possibly Franco. The Gavin family is dealt a serious loss of two lives, while the Gavin family welcomes Tommy Jr. into the world.

  • Booyah461

    Someone said that in the preview for next week they saw Janet crying. I would like to point out that that Janet is not pregnant and also that is a scene of her crying after hearing of johnny's death earlier in the series. Also, Peter Tolan and Denis Leary talked about having a really negative ending concerning Tommy but decided to go more hopeful so I highly doubt that Tommy dies. I think that what Tommy has been struggling to survive this whole show is his guilt and that in the end he will start off on the road to overcoming that guilt.

  • Pat

    Does anyone get the significane of the preview for next week: "a new batch of probies hears a familiar speech from a new leader"? Tommy gave a speech to a group of probies in the pilot episode, regarding 9/11. I would have to say that either Tommy or Lou are the most likely to survive the fire. It would make sense for Tommy to be giving the speech, which would indicate that he kept his promise to his family and took a job at the training academy.

  • Barbara

    "There are no happy endings" Denis Leary on Letterman.

    We've all gotten attached to the guys from the firehouse, since the show ends very near the 10th anniversary of 9/11 we will all feel a little bit of what the families and friends of the firefighters that lost their lives that day felt and contiue to feel.

  • cjason

    If I am counting correctly there are 6 guys trapped between the cinder blocked doorway to the roof and the propane tanks below the stairs. Lou, Tommy, the 2 Shawns, Franco and Mike. That would be the same number of Firefighters lost in the Worcester fire (one being Leary's cousin.) I think Leary, as the creative force behind the show, wants the viewers to be deeply impacted by the loss of six rather than one or two.

    I will be sad to see the show end. It has had some classic scenes, like the Gavin family holding their own 12 step meeting in the classroom. Very funny writing.

  • Erick

    In any fashion that the show ends, and I know it's not going to be good. I'm sad that the show is ending altogether.

  • Blair

    These are all great speculations… I am just so sad this show is ending! It is by far the best!

  • Rob

    the show was not just about firefighting. But s life and thoughts, and what a family goes though. And most of it is true. Been a FF for 14 years. And the day to day struggles of dealing with friends, family, and stangers injured or passing is sometimes overwhelming. The show has showed great points on what a fire house is like, with funny stuff pranks, and how firefighters back each other. But sometimes come to blows.. Love the show!!!

  • Dan

    Promo picks show Tommy standing in line with other FF's, nevertheless, I'm confident that Tommy survives, my guess is that Lou is defiantly dead. He was right there at the door when everything blow. But it is my opinion that Tommy survives and Lou dies everything else is up in the air with me.

  • Tony

    My wife seems to think the pictures of him standing with other firefighters are the fallen firefighters. Notice in the pictures he is in blue jeans and holding a cigarette.

  • Mark

    Excellent opinions in here and I would like to add mine. If you notice in the previews of next week one of the firefighters putting on his dress uniform has a silver, oblong insignia with a single axe and the number 62 over it. The single axe is the insignia which represents a Lieutenant from a Truck Company which Ladder 62 is. So maybe the Lieutenant or Lou (which is the diminutive of the word Lieutenant not the offricers first name)survived the fire?

    • lucyrn

      they all die except for lou and he gets burned but delivers their eulogies.

  • Mcgavin

    I thought from the beginning of this season that it would wrap up as a 9-11 injured Tommy dream, with him waking up long enough to say goodbye, becoming the final victim from that day. Now, I'm not so sure.

  • Susan

    Tommy lives and is the new instructor at the academy. His best friend Ken (lou) dies…but a hero's death – not from heart disease. A couple of the other guys die along with him in the arson-caused explosion.

  • T

    I think Tommy is dreaming and wakes up at the 911 funerals

  • Jim

    What if Tommy has been injured, trapped and unconscious this entire time in the rubble of the twin towers and has been dreaming this (10 seasons). The rest of the company are with him also but are dead. Last night when Lou says to Tommy "go ahead we'll be ok" could be them departing for a better place as tommy lives type of thing. Tommy gets rescued as they all perish. Show ends with Tommy as a Lt. addressing the new probies after 9/11, finishing his career out at the academy..

    • Austin

      That really falls in well with the last episode…That's definately a possibility

  • HKath

    On December 3, 1999, six firefighters in Worcester, Massachusetts were killed in the Worcester Cold Storage Warehouse fire, a massive fire set by squatters. Among the dead was the cousin of comedian Denis Leary, Firefighter Jerry Lucey, and his close childhood friend, Lt. Tommy Spencer. In response, the comedian founded the Leary Firefighters Foundation

    So I'm guessing everybody dies.

  • jimbo

    I am guessing that Tommy doesn't survive if they are saying a "new" Lt. addresses the academy probies (franco). I think Tommy saves Black Shawn and maybe the two kids who shouldn't have been there in the first place.

    Tommy and Lt. die,but Tommy attends the funerals in jeans with other fallen firefighters and all the other ghosts from previous seasons. They both die heros.

    I also think the guy standing on the curb at the fire was the arsonist. Would be nice to see the house extract some kind of revenge on him.

  • jimbo jones

    They all had to have died after that. There's nowhere to go, they are on what, the fourth floor up? And they were literally right next to a bunch of propane tanks that exploded. They all die.

    I also have not been a very big fan of the last 2 seasons, but when Lou said "Go, Tom go." (the meaning of which I have no idea), the tanks exploded, and then the promo came on with the funeral, I got the biggest rush of goosebumps I have ever gotten, ever.

    Also, you could see it in their eyes that they all knew they were going to die.

    What an amazing show.

    • mrsffej

      Lou's last words to Tommy were "Go on Tom…TRUST ME (this being integral to Scurti's interview saying he said the last words)" My guess (similar to many others): Tommy lives saving the trapped kids and the other six die in tribute to the Worchester Six. Tommy becomes a lieutenant at the academy in a "safe" job. The son Janet has is either named after Tommy or Lou (Ken). I know I will not ever see another show that has affected me like this. I love this show and all it has represented.

      • jim

        I think there were 6 guys fighting the fire including Tommy. Lou, Franco, Mike, and the two Shawns. My feeling is that Tommy finds a way out and everyone else dies. It is another 911 with Tommy surviving again but now has lost 5 brothers along with his cousin Jimmy at 911. I think the ending may be of Tommy in a drunk stupor with ghosts of Jimmy and the 5 dead coming back to talk to him…

  • jimbo jones

    The final episode has to have leaked somewhere and I am going to find it!

    • Nicole

      Haha! I have been desperately looking for it myself!

  • Matty Boy

    I think it would be great if the entire series was a brief thought in Tommy's mind and with the last couple of scenes they show Tommy waking up after being knocked out from the first WTC building collapse and realizing that his dream was a premonition and runs to the second building, stops Jimmy from going into the tower, takes his place and ultimately dying in Jimmy's place.

  • gumper1068

    Man this is driving me up a wall. Here is more as to why I think Tommy may already be dead. Black Shawn didnt ask his permission to marry his daughter (originally), Uncle Teddy walks her down the aisle, and listen to Janet and Shelia's Convo about Her husband "Came back" mine didn't, came back from where. Also Lou referred to Tommy as Mickey Mantle, long dead Yankee while he was Jeter. That's just from this years episodes off the top of my head. Man I gotta get back to reality :)

    • jimbo jones

      Came back from the 9/11 disaster

      • gumper1068

        I think she meant come back from the dead but I think he did come back from 9-11 as well. Black Shawn wasn't in the first what 3 seasons yet following the train of thought that only those who worked with him can talk to him, he had to have died after black Shawn joined the cast. Of course its hollywood so nothing has to make sense. What was the episode where he sees all the guys who died on 9-11? maybe he bought it there. Then again, I could be wrong on everything :)

  • Steve

    I used to be a firefighter. Who knows how it will end? I know that in real life, that explosion would have taken out everybody in the top of that entire building. On the other hand, if those were one row of cinder blocks, they aren't terribly difficult to break through with the pick end of a fire axe. It does look a bit grim for all of them.

  • karen

    I want them all to live, because I love each of them in a special way. But if Lou has the last line of the show, I can see him being another ghost talking to poor, haunted Tommy. We know the six firefighters will do everything they can to save the two teenagers. I'm really glad they decided against Tommy committing suicide in the last episode. That would have ruined the entire series for me.

  • JT_USF

    Lou and Tom die – Franco makes Lieutenant. Not sure about the others but I'm betting black Sean dies too as he was goofing around and all of them went into the job kind of complacent without sizing up the building.

    "Big building….big problems."

  • jimbo jones

    Series finale: The guys at 62 Truck struggle to pick up the pieces and move on following a major fire. At the Fire Academy, meanwhile, a new batch of probies hear a familiar speech from a new leader

    One of the promo pictures from this season shows Tommy giving a speech to new recruits, with black shawn and mike in the picture.

    I'm thinkin Franco, Lou and Garrity die.

    Tommy becomes the "new leader", giving his same familiar speech.

  • John

    I don't think it will be some type of dream sequence of the past ten years or anything. I don't think you can trust what the trailer shows you. Tv show trailers always add the most interesting clips and fool you into believing something big happened when it turns out not at all. Last season they made you believe Damien died. I think that the funeral scene might be them reflecting on the funeral from 9/11. Tommy with a cigraette in the promo posters might tell you that is from season 1 but I don't know why they would do that. There's so many possible scenarios here that its hard to lean toward one only. I don't think the entire crew dies, and I don't think Tommy dies. I don't take any stock in Janet crying at all either.

    If I had to guess Lieu is dead for sure and so is Black Shawn or Franco. Garrity might be a possibility as well because he's finally happy with a girl and wants to look forward in his life like he told Mike. I read on another site that there's a photo out there of a dead firefighter on a corners table with Franco's jacket on. It really sucks having to wait until next week. I seriously looked for like an hour yesterday to see if the final episode was leaked.

    • jimbo jones

      I'm STILL lookin for a leak. I'm pretty sure they kept this one tightly wound… It's the series finale.

      BTW, the final episode is 80min long, if you did not know.

      • John

        I've been looking also. If you find it post it here and i'll do the same.

    • gumper1068

      I don't think its a flashback funeral because needles didn't make rank until two seasons ago.

      • John

        That closes that theory then. I am going with Lieu and maybe Damien dies from complications from his current conditions?

  • gumper1068

    Just came across this interview with John Scurti:

    To that end, viewers saw a renewed spark in Lou in Wednesday's episode when he got the better of Franco (Daniel Sunjata), who had temporarily assumed the role of lieutenant only to fail miserably. Scurti promises it will be that Lou — not the cupcake-clutching sad sack — that will remain through the series' final two episodes.

    "After all this kind of plays out, Lou steps back up," Scurti says. "And he basically saves all of their lives."

    I still hold that he dies :0

  • Jeff

    Just for some context. I went back and looked at some episodes that people called out as being in the trailer.

    The clip of Janet crying is definitely from the episode where Johnny dies. Same wall, same clothing, same motions. It's definitely from that.

    As for the promo images of Tommy speaking the the recruits. That is NOT from season 1 episode 1. It might be from some other episode but I haven't seen it yet. In episode 1 he's not wearing jeans, not smoking, wearing a different jacket, and there is no flag memorial. It looks like it could be in the same location though, so it might be further in the season.

    There are at least two coffins during the funeral scene, but we don't see if there are more. Also, standing next to Needles and Feinberg are (I think) Sheila and Micky. I also don't think Damien is the one who dies, or at least who is involved in this funeral. I can't see him, who was on the job for something like 2 months and then out of it for 2 years (or 1, I'm not sure), getting that treatment. Plus, like I said, there are at least 2 coffins.

    When a person walks past the fire gear on the racks, his jacket says Gavin.

    Originally I was thinking that it was going to end with something like Tommys son telling the store, or reading from a book of his life or something like that (with the new baby being the new son), but I'm not so sure. I'm not sure who dies, but if I had to be I'm 99% that at least Tommy (finally meets his end, once he's redeemed) or Black Shawn (just starting a new life and setting in motion a new generation of Gavin tragedy) will die.

    Just thought I'd throw some of those comments out there.

  • Blumon

    Tommy has been dreaming this dream has been his view of what will happen if he continues his way and does not change. That is why we see the new rank after he awakens and everyone is OK, he will change his life. That is why Lou tells him that they are going to be OK and to leave, since its his dream and he is the only one that can escape.

  • Justin W.

    I'm just going to mention something from the preview for "Ashes." The one preview has Tommy's Helmet on the one coffin. I know its his because an earlier episode he talks in the locker room about how Jimmy pulled the prank on him when he thought he lost the helmet at a job. It has the stuff all taped around it.

    I mean, that's definitely an indication of Tommy possibly dying. As for how many die, I think it will be more than two, because all you see is two coffins carried down the isle, but they are so close to each other I'd assume there is another right behind.

    I think they did an amazing job with the 30 second clip to get our emotions running, especially with the music choice.

    • jimbo jones

      "I think they did an amazing job with the 30 second clip to get our emotions running, especially with the music choice."


  • Justin W.

    Also, I wonder if their is any significance to the scene where it shows 62 truck going down the street and then only shows Black Sean, Sean, and Tommy laughing inside. Foreshadowing? Or just messing with us.

  • Justin W.

    Just saw the promo pictures as well, and can it be possible that Tommy is pointing at Mike and Black Sean, but they really aren't there, but ghosts? The season started with Tommy giving the speech of the 343. Maybe this ends with him speaking about the 343 because of that US Flag made with the names of the 343 behind him and then go off about 62 Truck while the ghosts of his fallen brothers watch on.

  • Kim

    I think they are going to die.Im told there is a tribute at the end to the 6 fire fighters who went into a burning warehouse n all died. I believe it was Denis Learys cousin who was one of the fire fighters

  • jimbo jones

    I wish SO BADLY that this would leak early. It's not going to though.

  • Kristen

    What everyone is forgetting, the episode is called "ashes" and is airing the week of 9-11. The shots of a casket going down the aisle of a church may be a flashback of jimmy's funeral. Just throwing that one in the hat of many hypothesizes. I would gather it would really rock the people that were dead set (pun intended) on thinking that one of the major characters in the cast would be dead. No doubt it's gonna be tough to watch. I love the show.

    • jimbo jones

      At the funeral, they show needles as chief. He made chief long after Jimmy's funeral.

  • Randy

    "When the crew ride to a suspicious five alarm fire their skills as firefighters and commitment to one another are put to the test. In the aftermath, the guys are forced to re-examine what it means to be a crew." – I found this quote on the series website in the "About the Show" section. It is at the bottom of the article talking about the last episode. The last line is interesting where it says "In the aftemath, the guys are forced to re-examine wat it means to be a crew." This makes me think that at least some of the crew survive the explosion. Not sure who survives and who doesn't though.

  • Jon

    It's a shame that there aren't more shows like this one. It perfectly blended some great drama with great comedy. I dare say it's been my favorite show to watch.

  • cjason

    In the promo pic, to the right of Black Shawn, is a shoulder of a white Lieutenant shirt. Could be Ken (Lt.)? I have no idea how they would survive an explosion of that magnitude. I am on board with the 62 truck "ghostly" presence as the new class is reminded of the heroism of firefighters.

    • jimbo jones

      Ken's lieutenant shirt is light blue. Needles' shirt is white.

  • DB

    I say the "new" leader is Tommy, not as a firefighter, but instead of retiring, he'll be teaching at the fire academy. So, maybe Black Shaun does die, and Tommy feels obligated to ensure that future probies (and new wives like his daughter) don't have to face death so soon in life.

  • jimbo jones

    Some TV review writer or critic who got this episode before it airs HAD to have leaked it SOMEwhere.

    Whether it is in a private archive or on a public torrent website, I am determined to find it!

    And if i DO, I will be sure to post the link here.

  • NA

    False. The new leader is Tommy's cousin saying the speech. This is because the whole series is in Tommy's head during 9/11 when he's scared. He'll see his cousin running into the second building and somehow will get him to stay out while Tommy runs in knowing that he'll be going in for his eventual death. The whole series is Tommy seeing what would happen to his friends, family and colleagues if he stays alive. His cousin was the better man and the better fire fighter. The series has said that on multiple occasions. The finale will open up with this happening and the funeral we saw will be the 9/11 funeral for Tommy and the rest of the firefighters who died that fateful day. It's said the ending was a tribute to 9/11 and it will be a televised symbolic funeral for the Heroes of 9/11. THE NYFD AND NYPD. God Bless.

    • jimbo jones

      This would also be a phenomenal ending.

  • jimbo jones

    four more days!

  • LeeLoo

    I think all of Ladder 62 is going to die. Denis Leary said that this would be a tribute episode for his cousin who died in a fire as a fire fighter so I can see them making it the ultimate tribute to have the entire group go out this way. It would show the reality of the job of a firefighter. I can see the show going out this way.

    However, I am hoping that NA's ending is what happens.

  • Jinxmom

    I've felt all season like it was going to be Tommy that dies but seeing the promo pictures and descriptions of Ashes has me wondering. Wednesday can't get here fast enough!!

  • http://tvovermind Lacey

    I have followed this show from the beginning and I am NOT looking forward to saying goodbye. I watched last weeks episode and the cliffhanger was AMAZING!!! I have fallen in love with this show and all of the people in it. But @ the end of the day this show was based on Tommy & Lou, the other guys were awesome but they were just supporting actors. I know that in the next episode that we are gonna lose one or both Tommy & Lou and that is heartbreaking. We all know someone like Tommy and someone like Lou, so it’s truly like losing a person close to you. 62 truck has overcome some major obstacles and made us all shed tears but nothing is going to compare to the season/show finale.

  • mrsG

    With all the imagery at the end and multiple cofins and wreaths, they all die; but MASH-like, they crack up in heaven. The dream sequence is plausible too but to die like the heros they were, priceless.

  • Sunny

    Lou is shielded from the explosion by the door he's been trying to close and lives. Franco survives, but everyone else dies. Tommy's ghost delivers a speech to the probies while the ghosts of White Sean, Mike, Black Shawn and the 343 watch.

  • mrt

    The funeral scene that was shown must be related to the crew of 62 truck that died during 9/11.

    Needles was in his class A's and had two captains bars on his collar. So he didn't make battalion chief yet. I believe that funeral was for Jimmy. As for the guys in the warehouse not sure what happens to them. But I would say that Mike died if anything.

  • benpack03

    I think its Lou. I Tivo'd it and yes in the beginning of the promo – it is a Lieutenant's uniform they are pinning that on. However its an optical illusion – someone else is pinning that button on there – as in someone pinning on a uniform on a body.

    • J

      I have to disagree on this. Good look, but I think it's wrong. If you look at when the button is pinned on, the hands and fingers are in a position that would suggest someone is pinning it on themselves. If someone were pinning it on someone else, they're hands would be positioned differently (unless for some reason they were pinning it from BEHIND them).

      Is there something else that makes you think it's an optical illusion?

  • JB3887

    The scene where it shows Janet crouching down the wall while crying is the scene from where she finds out that Johnny has been killed it's at the 2:16 mark.

  • Andre

    The minute they introduced the big burning deserted warehouse and the vagrants, I knew where this was going.The story is known as "The Worcester Six". in Worcester, MA, the day of the warehouse fire that killed six of the city's firefighters. They had responded to a call that there was a fire in that warehouse, and, thinking the homeless people that were living there (and had started the fire) were still in the building, went looking for them. They never came out. All that was found of these six firefighters was a fragment of bone here, a helmet there. It was a terrible and moving tragedy.

    Dennis Leary is from Worcester, MA. And two of the firefighters that died that day was his cousin & chidhood friend.

    This event was the impetus behind Rescue Me … not 9/11.

    Sadly, I think that tells us all we probably need to know about Rescue Me's finale.

  • Dawn

    It will be really sad the finale. If you watch the preiew real close you can see at least 2 coffins in the chruch.

  • Jim

    Andre Im with you. the only thing I cant figure out if they all die is the "new leader addressing the probies" part of the the preview. Who would that be if they all die?

    • jimbo jones

      If they all DO die, the new leader giving the speech is going to be Tommy's new son (in the future).

  • Chris

    I'm sad to see the show go, whatever the ending may be, I'm sure it will be epic

  • Ryan

    Looking at the promo again, it appears that the guy pinning on the 62 pin to his coat is Lou. Take a look at the hands, they appear to be a bit more fat than muscular as it would be for Franco.

    • Ryan

      Q: Why that character?

      DL: Thematically we thought it was the best choice.

  • gramsterthehamster

    all i know is dennis leary has done so much for firefighters and the families of worcester fdny and all ff families it was a honor to be entertained for 7 seasons will always be watching the show dvds what ever the ending you gave a real big city fireman chills and made me think how many times we ffs come close to eternetiy it goin to be great last show tommy and all ladder62 is tribute to everyone that risks their life on the battles of life.

  • http://shiloadams gail

    i think it will be another dum ending like nip tuck

  • jimbo jones

    It appears as if Tommy Gavin's ghost is in a promo picture.

    He just looks so out of place in that picture.

    Looks to me like that's his ghost.

    • Steve

      Excellent catch on your part!!!

  • Hyde

    I think that the best finale situation would be if Tommy was injured and FORCED to take a desk job, Lou is killed and Franco takes over in place of both Tommy and Lou as the resident bad ass and veteran fighter, I think Garrity will go because he had just found love again and was willing overlook the smelly chicks stench, I think black shawn will be injuried but not killed too. I think Mike will make it with minor injuries but will quit. I agree that killing everyone off is a cop out and killing off Tommy would be too easy and cliche. I think Tommy will get his little boy to "replace" Conner too, although another girl WOULD be funny.

  • Waldo

    USA Today announced some spoilers:

  • Cathy

    My guess one of the three following possibilities

    Tommy has been dead all a long but his guilt has prevented him from crossing over so he comes to the people he loves much in the same way as jimmy has been coming to him over the seasons


    Tommy has been dead all a long and has been communicating with Lou who has been looking after tommys family as he promises in the letter. Lou let's Tommy go at the warehouse when he says he will be fine. Everyone dies and needles becomes the trainer


    Everyone but mike and Tommy dies and Tommy becomes the trainer and mike gives the speech to the new probes the way that Tommy does in the first episode except instead of helmets of guys who dies at 911 it is the helmets of the guys from the truck who died at the warehouse. Mike is the only one whose story doesn't really have an ending . White Shawn gets married, Lou finally shows his heroism when he tells Tommy that he can go, black Shawn gets married, frank aspires to be a leader

    • Sunny

      Like the idea of Tommy being dead all along, but how did he (or his ghost) do the 9/11 anniversary TV interview?

  • Lisa

    Tommy has been dead all along, this is why he couldn't walk his daughter down the aisle. He wouldn't really have slept with his dead cousins wife, that was a fantasy. The whole series is about Lou and his dealing with Tommy's death and his other issues, his guilt of being a survivor until now, he's going to die in this last fire and tells Tommy's ghost, "go ahead, we'll be o.k."

    • Lisa

      Also, the two coffins are Tommy and His Cousin after 9/11. Janet is crying about that… The daughter will be the one to have a baby at the end and name it after her father, Tommy.

  • AJ

    I just watched it. So don't read the rest if you don't want to know.


    The funeral is yet another dream that makes you think they all died and only Lou survived. Tommy wakes up and Lou is the only one that died in the fire. Tommy becomes the new Lieutenant for the time being.

    One of the all time funniest moments of the show happens involving gum, a truck, White Shawn's ass crack and Lou's ashes on the way to Lou's funeral. There is no real funeral like the one in the promos, just friends remembering him and spreading some cake mix in place of his ashes (truck incident) at the ocean. They read a touching letter that Lou left.

    Tommy delivers the baby at home, then passes out. The baby's name is Shea Gavin.

    Tommy gives the probie speech in Front of all the names of the FF's who died on 911. It's a pretty hardcore speech about what it takes to be a Firefighter and gives a lot of insight on Tommy finally being able to move past his survivor's guilt.

    Franco ends up the new Lieutenant on 62 truck. The last conversation is between Lou and Tommy in Tommy's truck about the irony of the ashes they spread in place of him being cake mix.

    The End – Life Goes on.

  • Steve

    Thanks, AJ!


    Does Tommy become an instructor at the FDNY Academy or does he retire?

  • AJ

    No everyone that loves him realizes that he is a fireman and nothing else. He actually tries to retire at one point but his family, including his wife, send him back to 62 truck where he belongs. With Franco as the new Lou

    62 Truck seems to be instructing the new class of probies at the end. Was a little odd.

  • AJ

    To add to that, they were all injured in the explosion. They "rode" the staircase down in the explosion and Lou took the full brunt of the blast. The rest had cuts, bruises, a few broken bones. So maybe that's why they are instructing the probies since they are all still banged up at the end and not able to work. They have a big discussion in the firehouse at one point where they all decide to move on to new houses or quit all together, but in the end they are all still together on 62 truck and Tommy can see Lou's ghost or whatever like he does his cousin.

  • AJ

    Oh the "dream funeral" is awesome. They had me buying it from the get go, except for the fact Lou was the only one alive. So whoever said that was Tommy's helmet on the coffin, good call. It was. At the end of the funeral Lou gets a standing ovation for a moving speech and then bam, Tommy's eyes snap open and opening sequence starts. Was awesome.

  • ChristineMc

    AJ — where did you watch this???

    That review/spoiler also says Tommy doesn't die.

    Leary said last night, as they were filming the funeral scene he was not in that scene. Alluded to the fact that TG dies.

    Wait and see!

    • AJ

      I have a dvd copy of it. I assure you TG does not die. The reason he is not in the funeral scene is because he is supposed to be in one of the coffins. That whole scene is a dream. I guess you can wait and see but I assire you I have seen it and this is what happens.

      • odis

        aj why would u ruin it for everyone else and let everyone see???

        • AJ

          I tagged it spoilers, put it in a spoiler article, and warned you not to read it. You need your hand held beyond that, not my problem.

          • Jimbo Jones

            yeah, why would you read something that says SPOILERS if you did not want to know?

            I just watched it on tv (scrolled past the spoilers before watching it) and thought the beginning was awesome, and the rest was just okay, a few laughs here and there. I'm glad Lou's ghost showed up at the end.

  • cjason

    It came full circle and ended like it started: Tommy addressing the new class with the same words, than getting in his truck and having a conversation with a dead firefighter. In the beginning it was Jimmy in the truck. At the end it was Lou.

    I cannot think of any other show that acknowledged 9/11 and used it as the narrative throughout the series. If an episode did not mention it in dialogue, the firefighters of 62 truck were still trying to live with the ravages of that day.

    Leary and Tolan did an outstanding job. They kept 9/11 present in the minds of the viewers. Maybe there are those who have moved on and think of that day as history; but Leary and Tolan have kept the memory alive. Good for them.

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