Resurrection 1.07 Review: “Schemes of the Devil”


The mystery of how and why people are returning from the dead on Resurrection is officially out of control as of this week.  Caleb warned that “more are coming” and well, they’re here!

A huge influx of people starting returning home to Arcadia at the end of this episode, all leading up to next week’s finale.  The crazy part is that they’re from all different time periods.  One confused man in the police station predates paved roads, while another Korean war vet walked into a bar very disoriented.  It’s getting insane to try to make any sense of the reasoning behind these returns, but I’m loving every second of it.  As soon as the little girl Jenny started talking to Jacob at the playground, I knew she had to be one of the Returned.  Her dress isn’t very modern, and we know that they all return in the clothes they died in.

While so many people are getting second chances at their lives, Rachael appears to be getting a third chance.  Last week she was kidnapped by Gary, the cousin of the man that Caleb murdered.  He’s demanding answers from her that she’s just as clueless about.  She doesn’t know where she came from, nor does she have any connection to Caleb.  Fred, Bellamy, and Tom are involved in a standoff with Gary who held a gun to Rachael’s head and when she attempted to knock it out of his hand, he accidentally shot her in the chest.  She dies in Tom’s arms, proving that even the previously dead can actually die…or not.  Bellamy witnessed her death, so imagine his (and our shock as viewers) to see Rachael walking down a deserted road mere hours later.  Now I don’t know if she’ll remember dying again, or if she’ll be just as confused as she was the first time around.  Either way, there’s a method to this madness going on.

The reveal that Barbara has returned was probably supposed to be another surprise, only we all should have expected to see her eventually.  I think she’s been back for a while now, and maybe she’ll have some answers for all this.  Otherwise, what is her excuse for not going to see her husband and meet her grown up daughter for the first time?

Before the inundation of frantic calls around town about loved ones returning home, Maggie discovered a new finding with Dr. Ward.  For one thing, it was incredibly freaky that even Caleb’s blood samples that were stored in refrigerated vials were dried up, almost as if his disappearance erased all traces of his return.  I wonder if anyone took any pictures of/with him during that time, and if he would also have disappeared in all photographic evidence too.  Anyway, another development came out of Dr. Ward’s observations of Jacob’s blood.  It seems that the blood of the Returned (or Jacob at the very least) could be a cure for cancer.  Of course the only way Dr. Ward stumbled into this knowledge is by testing a sample of his own blood infused with Jacob’s because wouldn’t you know, he was diagnosed with leukemia last year unbeknownst to Maggie.

It will be bad enough that word of this phenomenon spreads outside of this town, as it appears will happen next week in the season(?) finale.  If word also gets out that their blood could cure cancer, Jacob and the multitudes of others are definitely in danger of becoming nothing but lab rats.  Cross your fingers for a renewal because we need to know what happens next!  Plus, we’ve been burned too many times before by ABC cancelling many of their Sunday night shows the last few years.

[Photo via Guy D’Alema/ABC]

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