Franklin & Bash 4.04 Review: “Good Cop/Bad Cop”

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It’s wonderfully refreshing to see that Franklin & Bash maintain its form throughout cast changes and schedule shifts.  This week was no different. It featured the return of Season 2’s Officer Wendy (Kat Foster, Royal Pains) and an excellent appearance by  Daniel Roebuck (of Matlock fame) as this week’s down on his luck F&B client.

I’ve long been concerned that Franklin & Bash ignored its canon.  That being said, I was really impressed with this episode in particular. Stanton, in one scene, recanted many of Damien’s mishaps from the first three seasons. Peter also reached out to an ex-girlfriend to help him with a case, when Peter’s ex-girlfriends (or current girlfriends) often disappear without any warning. I was happy to see that Franklin & Bash are acknowledging their three seasons prior, as it makes for better, more enjoyable storytelling. Especially for those of us who’ve been around since 1.01. Just sayin’.

Toni Trucks, one of the newest cast additions, was excellent in an increased role during this episode. She proved that she can let loose and have fun with the boys, but she is also an excellent asset to the firm. I was also a big fan of the way that Kat Foster’s Wendy returned and was used in the episode. She was always one of my favorite Bash Girls (I can’t be the only one that calls them that). She was excellent and she helped Jared and Peter win their case. I’m very glad that the show left her return open-ended, and I would very much like to see her again.

Another highlight of the episode was the inevitable reconciliation between Stanton and Damien. We all knew that they would sooner or later let bygones be bygones, but this episode sped it along. Of course, sometimes with the way that Infeld and Karp behave, it’s a wonder that they think Franklin and Bash are the children.

After my (minimal) complaints about last week’s episode establishing the new norm instead of showing us good ole F&B antics and banter, I was not disappointed this week. They definitely stepped it up a notch in terms of fun, but were able to show the growth in the two leads at the same time. Peter (since we last saw Wendy) has done a lot of growing up, and Jared (as we see with Swatell0) has done the same. But, it’s refreshing to know that their character hasn’t changed as they’ve matured, and that they still know how to have fun. Oh, and their banter is still top notch.

As with any comedy, hour long or otherwise, the most important thing is that it make you laugh. Franklin & Bash have done nothing but make me laugh for four seasons now, and I couldn’t be happier about it. That being said, here are some of my favorite quotes from the episode:

“I’m glad our incarceration has re-energized you.”- Jared Franklin

“Buffett, he always brings the party”- Dewey, the client

“I love anything that keeps you away from us”- Jared, to Karp

These, of course, are just the funny moments (out of MANY) that made me laugh the hardest. With this show, there are always plenty of laughs to go around. What did you think of this week’s episode? Having as much fun as I am? Let us know!

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  • Jake

    This felt like the first episode this season where they really go their stride back and it Felt like the F&B that I first fell in love with!